11e-The World’s Work, August 1914: To Keep Out Southern Italians

Here are screen shots of the second article from “The World’s Work” of May 1914 that inspired us to craft a response in the form of three letters to Gennaro Serrapede as featured in postings 11a, 11b and 11c..

Please note that the language in the following article is not acceptable by modern standards.  You need to view it from the point in time during which it was written in 1914.  Uncertainty, fear, confusion and outrage prompted calls for restriction on immigration.

The World’s Work, August 1914

Google Books


In this volume please see:

“To Keep Out Southern Italians”, August 1914, pgs. 378-379.

Note:  The left hand margin does not appear fully in the scan at Google Books.  I think it is possible to make out the missing words or part of the words.