11g-Back in New York City-Did Cousin Sabato Serrapede become businessman Sabato Sarrapere? (part 1)


We have used the database at ImaginesMaiorum to investigate the lineage of the Serrapede family.  Genealogist Anthony Vermandois created this database and website to present the data on families he has researched who lived in the Campania region between the late 1790s to early 20th century..

The Search for Cousin Sabato Serrapede

Sabato Serrapede,, son of  Gennaro and Rosa (nee Scotti) Serrapede, is one of those elusive relatives who appear and disappear as searches take place for other relatives in our family line.

The discovery of Sabato’s trip to New York City in 1897 revealed that he was already a U.S. Citizen, as noted on the ship’s passenger list.  This makes him the earliest Serrapede within our extended line that was in the United States.  He also appears as the host of two other relatives within our line.  Then after 1909 he disappears without a trace.

The database at ImaginesMaiorum, where Anthony Vermandois has compiled the vital statistics of families from Campania, does not have a date of death for Cousin Sabato.  Recent searches have brought back many documents gathered over several sessions at Ancestry.  At first it seemed as if we were back on the trail to finding Cousin Sabato.

Here’s what happened….

Sabato Serrapede:  Recap of what we have so far

Sabato Serrapede was:

–Sammy’s First Cousin 2x removed
–EmilyAnn’s First Cousin 3x removed

Sabato’s date of birth as entered to ImaginesMaoirum database is September 16, 1868

SS Scotia:  Entries for Sabato Serrapede and his cousin Antonia Figliola.


SS Scotia:  Address where Sabato and Antonia will be staying.

Nov. 9, 1897: The SS Scotia arrived in New York City on this date.  Sabato was enroute with his mother Rosa and a few of his siblings to stay with his father Gennaro at 88 Mulberry Street.  His status is given as Citizen.

Sabato’s cousin, Antonia Figliola was also going to stay with the family at 88 Mulberry Street.  Note that on the passenger list, the name of her host is entered not as Sabato Serrapede but as Sabato Serapero.  Was this a mistake or was the family using variations of their name?

SS Cretic:  entry for Saverio Carnicelli.


SS Cretic:  address where Saverio was going to stay.

June 15, 1906:  Saverio Carnicelli landed in New York on this date after sailing from Napless on the SS Cretic.  He told the immigration officers that he was staying with his friend, Sabato Serrapede at 50 Mott Street.

Note:  Our connections to the Carnicelli family go back to Agropoli.  Uncle Sammy remembers that there were relatives from the Carnicelli family living on 65th Street, between 12th and 13th Avenues in Brooklyn, when he was growing up in the 1940s and 1950s.  Giuseppa Carnicelli was one of the matriarchs of Sammy’s maternal line.

SS Cedric:  Gennaro was staying with his cousin Sabato Serrapede at 63 Mott Street, New York City.

February 4, 1909:  Gennaro Serrapede was the next guest to head for Cousin Sabato’s place when his ship, the SS Cedric landed in New York in 1909.  At this time Sabato was living at 63 Mott Street in New York City.  In an earlier posting  we thought he was living on 14th Avenue and 66th Street in Brooklyn but closer review of the passenger list shows that was a mistake.  After 1909, we cannot locate any further documentation.  In the New York City Directories of the 1900s through 1910s there aren’t any listings for a Sabato Serrapede.

SS Britannia Passenger List-Sabato Serrabete-Was this our Cousin Sabato Serrapede?

Header of Passenger List for the SS Britannia. 


Entry for Sabato Serrabete on the SS Britannia Passenger List.

The next discovery was a passenger list for the SS Britannia which docked in New York City on October 17, 1888.  A 20 year old passenger whose name is entered as Sabato Serrabete was onboard.  I considered the possibility that this was a transcription error on the part of the person who listed Sabato.

We then located a Petition of Naturalization for a person named Sabato Sarrapere.  On his petition Mr. Sarrapere gave the same date for his arrival.  At ImaginesMaiorum there are no families named Sarrapere in Agropoli, only Serrapede.   Was he the same as our Cousin Sabato Serrapede?  Why was there a change of name if this was our cousin?

Stay tuned for our next posting to find out…

(to be continued)