11g-Back in New York City-Did Cousin Sabato Serrapede become businessman Sabato Sarrapere? (part 2)

We continue our investigation into what happened to our Cousin Sabato Serrapede after he came to New York.  For the background please see part 1 of this posting.  With the discovery of the naturalization papers of a Mr. Sabato Sarrapere we have to consider if these are two different people or if Cousin Sabato changed his surname after coming to New York…

Sabato Sarrapere:  The story contained in his Naturalization papers

Complete Petition for Naturalization for Sabato Sarrapere.

Close-up of the top of Sabato’s Petition for Naturalization.

Close-up of the Petition for Naturalization with the story of the fraudulent certificate.

The Petition gives an estimated Date of Birth for Sabato of September 27, 1868.  He was born in Agropoli and came to the United States on the SS Brittania on September 27, 1888.  Although this date differs from the Britannia Passenger List our search turned up we think it is a mistake on the Petition.  Sabato’s date of birth is also entered as on or about September 27, 1868 which differs slightly from the date of September 16, 1868 which appears at ImaginesMaiorum.

The story of the fraudulent Certificate of Naturalization states that:

“This petitioner was in possession of a fraudulent certificate of naturalization purporting to have been issued by the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, October 27, 1893.  Said paper was surrendered and duly cancelled October 27, 1903, and this petitioner is permitted to reapply for naturalization by an order signed and entered, on notice to the United States District Attorney, in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the United States, Southern District of New York, March 1, 1907.”

I held hope at this point that there might still be more factual data available to find a link between Cousin Sabato Serrapede and Sabato Sarrapere.

Overview of Sabato Sarrapere’s life

According to the Petition for Naturalization, in 1907 Sabato Sarrpere was living at 43 Mott Street with his wife Arcangela (nee Aloise) Sarrapere.  Their children were:

Rosina, Sept. 30, 1898
Carmela, Aug. 9, 1900
Gennaro, Nov. 29, 1902
Ronato, May 7, 1904
Giuseppe, Sept. 13, 1906

All the children were born in New York City.

1905 NYS Census.

Two years earlier, the NYS Census enumerator visited the Sarrapere family.  Again the name is misspelled, this time as Sarrapieda.  The family had a boarder named Antonio Corrento living with them.  Sabato’s profession is described as laborer.

Our next breakthrough came with the discovery of Mr. Sarrapere’s real estate transactions.

Note:  Uncle Sammy said that the Correnti family of 1166-65th Street were friends with the first generation of the Serrapede family.  The name Corrento, however, is not familiar to us.

Title Page for the Jan.-June 1914 “Real Estate Record and Builder’s Guide”.

Close-up from the Jan-June 1914 “Real Estate and Builder’s Guide”.

The “Real Estate and Builder’s Guide” for January-June 1914, lists a transaction that took place between Wong Wing and Sabato Sarrapere.  The property concerned was 51 Mott Street.

1916 NYC Directory listing for Sabato’s business.

The property at 51 Mott Street became a liquor store which is listed in the 1916 NY, NY City Directory with Sabato as the business owner.  The business is listed in the 1916 NYC Directory.

According to an entry in the”Record and Guide” for June 19, 1920, Sabato was involved in another transaction concerning 51 Mott Street.  This time the person he did business with was Raffaele Pavero of Brooklyn, NY.

1930 Federal Census.

In the 1930 Federal Census, Sabato gives his profession as Real Estate Salesman.  All his children are living with him and have not married.  Two of his sons worked as chauffeurs and another one worked as a fruit vendor.

On January 11, 1934 the Sarrapere family lost Arcangela.  She was buried at at Calvary Cemetery.  From the Death certificate index we now know her parents names:  Maria Langoni and Michele Aloise.

1940 Federal Census.

In 1939 Sabato took a trip to Italy.  The 1940 Federal Census finds him living back on Mott Street with just two of his children with him.  His son Jerry (Gennaro) is still single.  His daughter Millie Sarrapere Cavana is divorced.  Jerry was the only one employed.  The effects of the Great Depression still lingered.  Millie hadn’t worked in 102 weeks.  Sabato did not give any profession.  After this the trail again evaporates.  No further documentation on Sabato Sarrapere has turned up.

As a last attempt to try piece this puzzle together I listed all the addresses of where they lived.

Mr. Serrapede and Mr. Sarrapere stayed within the same neighborhood

Addresses for Sabato Serrapede

Year: Nov. 9, 1897
Address:  88 Mulberry Street, NYC
Source:  Passenger List for the SS Scotia

Year:  June 15, 1906
Address:  50 Mott Street, NYC
Source:  Passenger List for the SS Cretic

Year:  February 4, 1909
Address:  63 Mott Street, NYC
Source:  Passenger List for the SS Cedric

Addresses for Sabato Sarrapere

Year:  1905
Address:  43 Mott Street, NYC (home)
Source:  1905 NYS Census

Year:  1907
Address:  43 Mott Street, NYC
Source:  Declaration of Intent

Year:  1914
Address:  43 Mott Street, NYC (home)
Source:  Record & Guide

Year:  1915
Address:  43 Mott Street, NYC (home)
Source:  NY, NY City Directory

Year:  1916
Address:  51 Mott Street, NYC (liquor store/own business)
Source:  NY, NY City Directory

Year:  1920
Address:  43 Mott Street, NYC
Source:  Record and Guide

Year:  1930
Address:  80 Mott Street, NYC
Source:  1930 Federal Census

Year:  1940
Address:  76 Mott Street, NYC
Source:  1940 Federal Census

Discussion with Uncle Sammy, Sunday, July 5, 2015 11 am-11:30 am


  • Born in Agropoli.
  • Born in September 1868.
  • Both were citizens of the U.S. in 1897.
  • Lived within the same area of Little Italy-Chinatown.
  • Moved to different apartments within the same area frequently.
  • Sabato Sarrapere’s children have the same names as Sabato Serrapede’s parents and siblings.
  • Sabato Serrapede’s Mother:   Rosa Scotti Serrapede
  • Sabato Serrapede’s Father:   Gennaro Serrapede
  • Serrapede Siblings:           Carmela,, Carmine, Carminella, Antonia, Concetta, Nunziata, Donato, Giuseppe
  • Sarrapere’s children:         Rosina,  Carmela, Gennaro, Ronato  (was it really Donato?), Giuseppe


  • Sabato Serrapede’s patterns for moving to new apartments in 1906 and 1909 do not agree with Sabato Sarrapere’s movements.
  • During these years Sabato Sarrapere lived in 43 Mott Street.  We do not believe based on his consistency at that address during the period 1905-1915 he moved out in 1906 and 1909.
  • Sabato Sarrapere’s wife does not appear in the listing of families from Campania that Anthony has compiled.  The surnames Aloise and Langone do not come back in search results.
  • A recurring pattern in our immediate bloodline is that the male ancestors came to America first to establish themselves.  They then sent for their wives who were also from Agropoli.  If they were single they went back to Agropoli, like Nicola Muro, and were married there.

More documentation is needed to verify if there is a link between Sabato Sarrapere and Sabato Serrapede.  We are ordering a copy of Arcangela’s death certificate.  Once we have her plot location we’ll check if Sabato Sarrapere is interred with her.  In turn this will lead to a date of death or at least the year of his death.  This will help us better search for his death certificate.  If his death certificate contains the same names for his parents as those for our Sabato Serrapede we will be one step closer to answering the question of what happened to our Cousin Sabato.

We found the story of Mr. Sarrapere very satisfying.  He came to New York as a laborer and within 20 years successfully established himself in business and moved on to become involved in real estate.  He achieved a mobility and degree of success that might not have come to him if he remained in Agropoli.  His achievements were made possible by the opportunities that existed here combined with his own initiative to move ahead in his life.

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