12a-Serrapede Family in Agropoli: Great Grandmother Emilia


Genealogist Anthony Vermandois has done extensive research into the families of several towns in Campania, Italy.  He presents the vital statistics and dates for marriage at his website Imagines Maiorum-Ancestors from Campania.  This week I have used the charts of descent for the Serrapede and Papplardo families of Agropoli.

Relationship Note

Pedigree chart for EmilyAnn’s maternal line showing descent from Nicola and Theresa (nee Patella) Pappalardo.

Emilia Pappalardo Serrapede was EmilyAnn’s Great-Grandmother along her maternal line.

Introduction to this series

My maternal Great-Grandmother Emilia Pappalardo Serrapede was born on December 20, 1872 in Agropoli.  She was the daughter of Nicola and Teresa (nee Patella) Pappalardo.

Great Grandmother Emilia’s Maternal Line

Pedigree Chart for Theresa Patella d’Alessandro.

Emilia’s mother was Teresa Patella, born in 1845 to Alessandro and Giovanna (nee Battista) Patella.  Alessandro was born before 1800.  His occupation was marinaro (fisherman).  In some records at Anthony’s site, Teresa’s name appears as heresa Patella d’Alessandro which signifies that she is the daughter of a man named Alessandro.

Teresa’s siblings were:  Giacomina, Giuseppe, Luigia and Ciro.

Great Grandmother Emilia’s Paternal Line

Pedigree Chart for Nicola Pappalardo.

Emilia’s father, Nicola Pappalardo, was the son of Antonio and Teresa (nee Marino) Pappalardo.  Antonio was born before 1820.  We do not have any information about his occupation.

Nicola’s mother Teresa Marino was born in 1819 to Pietro and Nicoletta (nee Cuoco) Marino.

Nicola had a brother named Raffaele.  We do not know if there were other siblings.

Children of Antonio and Teresa Pappalardo

Bold  text denotes my immediate ancestor among the children of Antonio and Teresa:

Antonio Pappalardo
Born: c.1860
Died: November 5, 1866, Agropoli

Raffaele Pappalardo
Born: April 7, 1866
Died: December 15,1929, Agropoli

Antonio Pappalardo
Born: May 6,1869
Occupation: Marinaro

Emilia Pappalardo
Born: December 20,1872

Francesco Pappalardo
Born: November 1, 1875
Died: Not known at this point

Giuseppe Pappalardo
Born: October 29, 1878
Died: October 29, 1878, Agropoli

Concetta Pappalardo
Born: August 24, 1880
Died: November 19, 1968, Agropoli

Emilia, wife and mother

Emilia married Gennaro Serrapede on February 23, 1895.  She had her first child that year.  The children of Emilia and Gennaro were:

Filomena (b. 1895)
Sabato (1900-2002) (EmilyAnn’s maternal Grandfather)
Italia (b. 1904)
Luigi (b. 1908)
Anna (1909-1911)
Alfonso (1913-1997)

Reflections on Great Grandmother Emilia and our trip to Agropoli in 1976

Whenever I think about Great Grandmother Emilia I see her looking out of the window of her home.  She gazes at the sea below the Old Town of Agropoli as she wonders when she will get a letter from America.  Great Grandfather Gennaro came and went from the United States as a bird of passage.  The research Uncle Sammy and I have done so far shows that he averaged a trip every 2-3 years between 1900 and 1913.

My late Mother and I are both named after her.  As I prepared these postings I thought the letter format offered the best way to express my thoughts and impressions.  The facts are very few.  We have the dates of birth for Emilia and her children.  We also know when she married Gennaro Serrpaede. But very little else about the other events in her life.  While Grandma Josie, Grandpa Sam and I were in Agropoli during the Summer of 1976, we visited Emilia’s younger daughter Italia everyday for a week.  Italia was the mother of the Younger Italia who was our hostess during the entire vacation in Italy.  Both women made a great impression on me.  They were  warm and generous.  Using Emilia’s daughter and granddaughter as a link to the past I worked my way through a series of reflections which culminated in the three letters that comprise this series of postings.

The first letter in this posting will be up next week.  I will include a photo taken from the livingroom window of Italia the Elder’s apartment at the foot of the Old Town of Agropoli.  It captures the mood of what I felt when establishing that link to Great Grandmother Emilia.

Stay tuned…