17-Scotti Family in Agropoli-From Father to Sons


The research of Anthony Vermandois of Imagines Maiorum forms the basis for the exploration of our ancestors who lived in Agropoli.  Anthony has recorded dates of birth, death, marriage, immigration, occupation and other pertinent information using sources in Italy and the United States.  We have used the charts of descent for the Scotti family to prepare this posting.

Relationship Notes

Pedigree chart for Sammy showing his descent from Aniello and Anna Maria Scotti through his maternal line.

Francesco and Rosolia (nee Patella) Scotti were:

–Sammy’s Second Great-Grandparents
–EmilyAnn’s Third Great-Grandparents

Continuation of the Landholdings

The earliest progenitors of our line within the Scotti family were Aniello and Anna Maria (nee Baldi) Scotti.  Aniello’s profession was described as “possidente” which can mean a landlord or land owner.

Aniello and Anna Maria had two sons.  We do not know if there were other children born as Anthony has not listed records for the birth and death of other children.

The children we know of are:

Giuseppe, born 1802.
Francesco, born 1807.

Francesco is our direct ancestor.

Landholdings continue within the family – Eldest Son

Giuseppe and Francesco were also “possidente”.

Giuseppe married Antonia Cuoco. Anthony’s research for the Cuoco line does not include any information about the Antonia Cuoco who married Giuseppe Scotti.

Their children were:

Aniello b.c.1824
Giovanbattista b.c.1835
Filippo b.c.1839
Carolina b.c.1840

Giuseppe passed away on August 3, 1886 in Agropoli.

The Landholdings continue within the family – Youngest Son

 Francesco married Rosolia Patella.  She is not listed as a daughter in any of the Patella households Anthony has documented.

Children of Francesco and Rosolia:

Raffaele b.c.1835
Carmine b.c.1846 (our ancestor)
Carmela b.c.1850
Antonia b.c.1853

Francesco passed away in Agropoli on April 6, 1887

The Death of the Scotti Brothers

Francesco died eight months after Giuseppe.  They had lived long lives.  Their children would have been established by now in their own marriages, professions and homes.

We reviewed and compared the professions chosen by the sons of Francesco and Giuseppe.  This was followed by an in-depth discussion of what factors arose to cause one brother to die without his sons inheriting any landholdings and choosing professions that brought them into a lower standard of living.

Discussion with Uncle Sammy and I on Saturday, February 21, 2015 2:30 – 3 p.m.

 Our review of the data so far raised the following questions:

  • Did the Scotti brothers each have their own parcel of land or did the brothers hold the land or buildings in common?
  • Owning property meant the Scotti family had to keep records, collect the monies and pay taxes on their holdings.  What was the educational level of Aniello, Giuseppe and Francesco?
  • What happened to the landholdings after Giuseppe and Francesco died?

A review of the chosen professions of Giuseppe and Francesco’s children offers some clues which we will consider in the next posting.