19b-Scotti Family in Agropoli-Francesco and Rosolia’s Children Get Married


The research done by Anthony Vermandois at Imagines Maiorum-Ancestors from Campania forms the basis for this exploration into the lives of our family who lived in Agropoli before immigrating to the United States. We have used the charts of descent for the Scotti family to prepare this posting.

Relationship Notes

Francesco and Rosolia (nee Patella) Scotti were:

–Sammy’s 2nd Great Grandparents
–EmilyAnn’s 3rd Great Grandparents

Children of Francesco and Rosolia Scotti

Francesco and Rosolia had four children who lived to marry and have children of their own. They are:

Raffaele Scotti
Born: c.1835
Married: Filomena Gallo di Mauro
Children: Rosalia b.1867, Francesco b.1868, Carmine b.1870, Antonio b.1872, Carmela b.1874, Rosa b.1876, Carlo b.1879, Gabriele b.1882
Died: 26.03.1906
Occupation: Marinaro (fisherman)

CARMINE SCOTTI (our direct line ancestor)
Born: c.1846
Married: Maria Giovanna di Giaimo 27.05.1869, Agropoli
Children: Raffaele b.1870, Raffaele b.1871, Evangelista b.1873, Antonio b.1875, Fedele b.1878, Mariano b.1880, Antonio b.1885, Concetta/LETIZIA b.1888, Elisa b.1891
Occupation: Marinaro (fisherman)

Carmela Scotti
Born: c.1850
Married: Ignazio Coppola 20.02.1869, Agropoli
Children: Fortunata b.1871, Maddalena b.1873, Evangelista b.1875, Filomena b.1877, Antonia b.1881, Carmine b.1884, Emilia b.1886, Rosalia b.1892

Antonia Scotti
Born: c.1853
Married: Matteo Giordano 22.05.1875, Agropoli
Children: Saverio b.1878, Vincenzo b.1881, Anna b.1884, Rosa b.1887, Emilia b.1891, Raffaele b.1894, Carmine b.1896

Discussion with Uncle Sammy, Sunday March 15, 2015 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

We had to narrow the focus for continued research on our branch of the Scotti family. It would be fascinating to spend time delving into what happened to all the grandchildren of Francesco and Rosolia Scotti.  This is not a realistic goal for us, though.  We have limited time during our week nights for online researching and reading. We then review, discuss and draft the postings each Sunday.  Since each of Francesco and Rosolia’s children had large families we decided to work on only two of them.  This focus will form the basis of the next series of postings for:

Profile Chart for Carmela Scotti.

  • Carmela Scotti’s marriage to Ignazio Coppola

Our relationship to the Coppola family provides a good illustration of what is meant by the Italian word paesano.  The discovery of Carmela’s marriage into the Coppola family also means we are cousins by marriage.

Profile chart for Carmine Scotti.


  • Our direct line ancestors Carmine Scotti and his wife Maria Giovanna di Giaimo.

We will examine their lives and the lives of their three youngest children. We already have documentation supporting the arrival of Letizia, Concetta and Elisa in the United States.  There are also some family stories about them which we want to preserve by adding them to the family tree and the blog posts.