19e-Halloween in Bay Ridge 2015

In posting 19d-Growing Up Italian American: Halloween through the generations I wrote about the annual Halloween art contest students at schools in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights participate in.  Students from grades K through 12 prepare their pictures in school and are then selected to reproduce their art work on the windows of shops in Bay Ridge that participate in the contest.  During an early morning walk, I passed by two colorful paintings.  This offered me the opportunity to use the camera in my new Android phone.  I’m delighted with the results.  Even more I’m very happy to see so many talented young children and teens participating in this yearly event.

For our local news coverage and photos of the 2015 entrants to the 63rd Annual Halloween Poster and Storefront Window Painting Contest, please check out the article at the Brooklyn Eagle’s online edition for October 27, 2015.

These photos were taken on Third Avenue in the 70s.  The paintings stay in the windows for a few weeks so I’m hoping to see more when I’m out and about running errands.

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