22g-Winter Break Update: Snow storm January 2016-One week later

The Great Snowstorm of January 2016-Sunset Park, Brooklyn one week later on January 31, 2016


Outside of Sunset Park on the 44th Street side, walking up towards 7th Avenue.

I finally got around to fulfilling the promise I made to myself at the start of this Winter Break.  This morning I was in the Sunset Park neighborhood to get my hair cut and colored.  A mani-pedi was also in the plan.  When I got out of the subway and saw Sunset Park I was amazed at how much of the snow from last week has melted.


Entrance to Sunset Park.

Thanks to the awareness raised by the Weather Service (www.weather.gov), the Department of Sanitation, and the Mayor’s Office residents did their part to contribute to the successful passage we’ve all made through the storm.  There was very little ice in the streets and on the sidewalks.  It’s easy to navigate through the hilly neighborhood of Park Slope now that the snow is melting.  The snow is piled up by the curbs along the side streets but not by the corners.  We’re able to cross the streets and move about easily and safely.  This is the quickest recovery I’ve seen from a storm of this magnitude.


People were able to enjoy the park this weekend.  Many were out exercising their dogs or jogging along the paths.

Inside Sunset Park only  some of the snow clings to the ground.  It has not frozen hard.  Children can still pick up handfuls to make a snowball but it was so chilly today I did not see many doing that.  Most were busy with their iPhones! It’s been a good month to ease back into the routine.  We will resume our regular family history postings later this week.  How is everyone doing as February approaches?  Have you finally transitioned into the New Year?


Note:  Sunset Park is between 43rd and 44th Streets and 6th and 7th Avenues.  One way to get there is taking the R train to 45th Street and 4th Avenue.  It’s about a 10 minute walk from the station to the Park.  Go slowly, you’re about to do some serious uphill walking!  It’s a beautiful park and excellent for leisurely walking with your dog or taking photos.

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