27a-Spring Break 2016


Tammy, our little office assistant at Through The Byzantine Gate, is looking forward to springtime in Bay Ridge.

Uncle Sammy and I are going on Spring Break starting this week.  There are so many holidays coming all at once.  It’s impossible to stay with a routine!  There is St. Patrick’s Day, Palm Sunday, the first day of Spring, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day.  A break is in order.

A mood of gaiety is setting in as the buds on the trees become fuller, the days longer and bright yellow daffodils fill the flower shops.  Little by little Winter is leaving.  Two weeks ago I polished the curio cabinet and set up the collectibles and mementos my late Mom left me.  A small votive candleholder with painted pink roses has written across it:  “Bright Spring, New Beginnings!”

We hope this is true for everyone in a wonderful and beautiful way.  We’ll be back to regular posting in April.



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