30d-Mother’s Day 2016-In Memory of Our Matriarchs

Lord Frederick Leighton “Mother and Child”
Public Domain.  Image from Pinterest.

We give thanks for all the matriarchs in our family line.  Their lives, love, care and sacrifices have contributed to who we are today.

Serrapede Family

Angela Maria Borrelli
Anna Maria Conte
Filomena Ruocco
Antonia Ruocco
Nicoletta Cuoco
Teresa Marino
Giovanna Battista
Teresa Patella d’Alessandro
Emilia Pappalardo

Muro Family

Anna Maria Monzillo
Carminela Cavollo
Clarice Serrapede
Giuseppa Ruocco
Anna Maria Baldi
Rosolia Patella
Maddelena Montone
Irene Guzzi
Maria Giovanna di Giaimo
Letizia Scotti
Rosina Aiello Marasco Muro

Through Josie Muro Serrapede and her daughter Emily L. Serrapede we have had the presence of these earlier mothers in our lives.  Through the flow of time the contributions each has made live on.

Our prayer is that you all may  now be rewarded for the work which you did in this world and that one day we will meet in the world to come.


–EmilyAnn Frances May

–Sam Serrapede, Jr.

Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, 2016

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