31b-Bella Italia in 1976: Amalfi

Our last week in Italy 1976. Second stop:  Amalfi


Route from Paestum to Amalfi.

 A few facts about Amalfi


  • The Amalfi Coastline is called Costiera Amalfitana in Italian.
  • Other towns along the Costiera Amalfitana are Positano and Ravella.
  • The lemons grown in Amalfi are sweet and used in the making of Limoncello.
  • Amalfi was one of the first of four maritime republics in Italy with the best code of maritime law.
  • The more remote areas of Amalfi are home to foxes, ravens and falons. There is little human impact made on these dry areas. Some of the trees which grow there are beech and chestnut.


Our Vacation in Italy 1976: Remembering Amalfi


With the impressions of Paestum lingered in my mind, we were back on the road heading for Amalfi. We spent the next day and night there with a relative.  Along the way Antonio stopped so we could take photos and admire the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coastline.


Italia once more proved a wonderful guide and companion for us all. She told us that Amalfi was a very popular spot for the wealthy and famous.  She knew of a little restaurant hidden in a courtyard off a little street.  We were headed there for lunch.  Grandpa Sam was not disappointed when we got there.  He said the seafood was almost as good as it was in Agropoli.  The pasta sauce also got praise from Grandma Josie.  What I remember most was that the town was so pretty as it came into sight.  I thought it was like a confection with all its layers reminding me of a pastel colored layer cake.  I still think it would have been wonderful to have gone from Amalfi to the Isle of Capri, a place I have always wanted to see.  Our next stop, however, was Gaeta.  So many picturesque towns and so limited was our time!  The entire coastline from Agropoli to Capri is so gorgeous I’d tell anyone planning a trip to take two to three weeks to see it in a leisurely fashion.  It’s the only way to take it all in and feel the experience in all its richness.


One of the main sites in Amalfi is St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Italia took us there after lunch.  When Grandpa Sam saw the stairs he declined the invitation to go into the church.  Antonio and his daughter Stefania also found the day too hot.  Stefania, as I remember, kept saying “Gelato” the Italian word for ice cream.  When we got into the church it was too hot to appreciate the beauty.  We quickly came out and down all those steps.  By that time Stefania, Grandpa Sam and Antonio were cooled off and rested.


From Our Photo Album



EmilyAnn in Amalfi. Summer 1976.


This photo was taken on the little street that opened up to a courtyard where we enjoyed lunch at a small restaurant. Amalfi, Summer 1976.  Left to right:  Grandma Josie, Grandpa Sam, Antonio, Italia.  Grandpa Sam was not one to smile but you see the hint of one in this photo.  He was very pleased with lunch, the location and what an excellent knowledge Italia had about the best places to visit in each town we stayed at.


Amalfi. Summer, 1976.



Amalfi coastline, Summer of 1976.


One of my favorite photos of the Amalfi Coastline from Summer of 1976.


Another stunning view of the Amalfi Coastline. Summer 1976.




Google Maps
Paestum to Amalfi http://tinyurl.com/nn93vcs


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  1. You looked like a beautiful doll EmilyAnn! I was on this coastline last November and I don’t think my photos are very different to yours from 40 years ago except for the clothing styles.I guess theres lots more people visiting but the views down the cliffs of the ocean are timeless.

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    • Thank you so much Andrea. It’s good to know the countryside is still beautiful. It doesn’t need any development. It needs to be preserved as it is.

      In the 1970s I was very into the 1930s look. My brows were so thin and I wore my hair in a short pageboy. But it ended up looking like an unusual style rather than anything retro. Thank you for the lovely compliment.

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