31c-Bella Italia in 1976: Positano

Our last week in Italy 1976. Third stop: Positano

Route from Amalfi to Positano.

Some facts about Positano

  • Ancient legends related that Positano was established by the sea god Neptune for the nymph Pasitea.
  • Positano is sometimes called the “Gem of the Divine Coast.”
  • Tourism increased after WWII.
  • The town continues to preserve its distinctive appearance created by the many buildings layered into the hillside.
  • The town is known for the high quality clothing made and sold in the many small local boutiques.

Our Vacation in Italy 1976: Remembering Positano

As we approached Positano, I did not find the crowding of so many houses upon the mountainside very attractive. Everything seemed sunbleached and very ancient.  I think it was the brevity of our overnight visit and the long time spent visiting relatives that kept me from seeing the parts of this town that are reputed to have a quaint, rustic appeal.

From Our Photo Album

Positano on a beautiful day, Summer of 1976.


The beaches in some parts of Positano really are not too far from the front door!

Italia, Grandma Josie and I went into this church despite the heat of the day. We couldn’t stay very long because it was very hot and stuffy inside. Grandpa Sam, Antonio and Stefania  were waiting for us when we got back to the car. We then went to a Gelateria to enjoy some delicious Italian ice cream and an espresso.  The gelato was served with a tiny scoop of lemon ice on top.  It was light and not at all painfully sweet the way some American desserts are.  Yet in one of those odd moments of homesickness I thought about the tinkling music of the Mr. Softee trucks that came down 79th Street each summer.  I almost wanted to leave the gelato behind in favor of a Mr. Softee ice cream cone covered with rainbow sprinkles!

If any readers recognize this church, please let me know the name of it.  This is one of the photos I did not review with my Grandparents after we returned to Brooklyn.  I was so longing for all the little things I missed back home.  The first thing I did after resting for two days might surprise you.  Instead of going to the Italian bakery that was right around the corner on 79th Street and 13th Avenue, I went to the Green Tea Room on 86th Street near 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge to have a glass of iced tea with lemon,  a tuna salad sandwich on rye bread and a side order of potato salad!


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Amalfi to Positano


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    • It would have been nice to have another day and look around, just Italia, Grandma Josie and me. The guys weren’t into it at all. It was crazy the way I missed those very ordinary foods while I was enjoying wonderful home cooked meals, good wines and delicious fresh fruits. I’m glad my Grandmother had a sense of humor to knock me down from the homesickness experience.


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