36b-Uncle Sammy & Aunt Kathie’s trip to Italy-Stresa (continued)


We continue with a mini-tour of Stresa through the beautiful photos from Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie’s album.  Located in the North of Italy.

Stresa street sign.jpg

Aunt Kathie translated this street sign that welcomes visitors to Stresa.  It says, “Welcome to Stresa, a community of music and flowers.”

Stresa alley

One of the scenic alleys in Stresa where tourists can shop or dine outdoors.

Stresa hotel 3 Aunt Kathie

Aunt Kathie enjoyed posing for this photo.  The color of her top is a perfect match to the blue used by the Regina Palace Hotel in their signs and décor.

Stresa hotel 2.jpg

Aunt Kathie in front of the Regina Palace Hotel.  Things get even better when you go inside!

Stresa hotel1

The bar in the Regina Palace Hotel has a chandelier made of Murano glass.  In the photo album she commented that she wished there was more room in her luggage to take one like it back to the U.S.

Stresa view from hotel.jpg

Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie enjoyed the view of the beach from their hotel room.

Stresa island in Lago Maggiore.jpg
There are three islands in Lago Maggiore (Lake Maggiore).  The one in the middle is Peccheria which means Island of the Fishes.  Aunt Kathie and Uncle Sammy were part of the tour group that went for dinner there on their last night in Italy.