36d-Uncle Sammy & Aunt Kathie’s Tour of Italy-Pompeii

Pompeii:  Ancient meets Modern

I am still enjoying all the photos from Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie’s tour of Italy.  I’ve gone back to the ones from Pompeii many times because they offer so much to think on.  The photos I’m talking about feature modern sculptures by Igor Mitoraj that are juxtaposed amidst the ancient ruins of Pompeii.  These sculptures are larger than life.  Yet as you look at them against the backdrop of Pompeii they bring to mind many messages.  At first I questioned what the purpose of the sculptures were because they seem so jarring and out of place.  Uncle Sammy, Aunt Kathie and I had a very interesting conversation through the comments at the album and by email.  Their guidance got me to admit to my feelings and better articulate them.

The sculptures confront us and challenge us to look at the experience of visiting Pompeii in a different way.  They can be looked at as conveying messages of hope, renewal and the ability of humanity to overcome and endure. Everyone will come away with a different reaction to this experience.  It took awhile for me to accept the presence of these sculptures at Pompeii.  I’m continuing to make connections between the ancient and modern messages in both.  This means the artist has achieved the goal of getting us to see, think and respond to the ancient city and what happened in a new and hopefully deeper way.

The Scuptures of Igor Mitoraj at Pompeii





Information About Mitoraj and the Pompeii Exhibit

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Mitoraj in Pompeii

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