36e-Aunt Kathie & Uncle Sammy’s Vacation 2016-Made in Italy (Part 1)


While Uncle Sammy spent a day at leisure on the mainland, Aunt Kathie went to the Isle of Capri.  She enjoyed the time there and had the opportunity to get a pair of custom  made sandals.  The photo said it all to me–Italy still designs and creates many beautiful things by hand.

Sandals by Capri Mania


Aunt Kathie said the process of getting the sandals made was very simple.  After taking the measurement of her foot, the leather was cut and the sandals put together.  She got to select the set of crystals used for ornamentation.  The entire process took thirty minutes to complete.

I hope Aunt Kathie enjoys wearing these beautiful sandals and all the compliments she will receive.  They are simple and elegant.  The colors suit her perfectly.  If you’re ever on the Isle of Capri you can get your own sandals made at Capri Mania located in the town of Anacapri.

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