41c-Winter Break 2016-Washington, DC

Greetings to all!  I returned on Monday, December 26th, 2016 from a much needed retreat and rest during the holiday season.  I hope all our readers and WordPress bloggers enjoyed their get-togethers with family and friends.  I will be back to a regular blogging schedule in 2-3 weeks.  In the meantime, I want to share some impressions and photos taken during my stay in Washington.  There will be one more posting after this one about the awesome Christmas day I had at the Washington National Cathedral.

My wish is for all to have a year ahead that includes good health and quality time with loved ones.  Here’s to a Happy 2017!

Impressions of Washington, DC December 23 through December 24, 2016

I stayed at the Adams Inn which is made up of three adjacent rooming houses built in the 1920s.  The main house where we gathered for breakfast was Guest House 1 at 1746 Lanier Place NW.  I stayed next door in 1744 Lanier Place NW.  There are smaller dining rooms and kitchens in the other 2 houses.  1744 and 1746 had pantries filled with instant oatmeal, snack bars, coffee, tea, cocoa, a fridge and microwave.  I found this very convenient when I got hungry and wasn’t up to a big dinner or lunch.  Each house has a comfy and inviting quality.  There are books and magazines as well as charming decorative elements.

Lanier Place NW is a very scenic block.  The entire area has similar houses.  My cousin says it reminds her of Greenwich Village in the 1970s.  I agree.


The area where the Adams Inn is located is called Adams Morgan.  It is a very charming area.  I spent Friday and Saturday afternoons exploring Columbia Road NW.  There is a popular café and bookstore called Potter’s House Books that has a long history in the community as a place selling delicious coffee and a varied selection of books, many of which deal with social justice and civil rights.  The store is very involved in community activities to help the homeless. I wanted to stay and enjoy their coffee and baked goods.  However, the service was much too slow.  I ended up at Starbucks.

I found that Adams Morgan had two groups of people living parallel to each other.  There are the wealthy, upper class professionals and young students living in the area and frequenting places like Potter’s House Books.  The escape I temporarily felt from the worrisome effects of gentrification that I have for Brooklyn, NY came back when I saw how many homeless people there were out on Columbia Road NW as evening drew near or very early in the morning.  I took a bus ride on  Christmas Eve on the Circulator Line, which costs only $1 per ride to any point along the route.  I went through the entire line in Columbia Heights and found a replay of parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan.  There is a park along I Street in Columbia Heights that was filled with homeless people sleeping and milling around.


While there were homeless people along Columbia Road NW, I did not find them along 18th Street NW on the 2400 block.  This block has a great assortment of restaurants, cafes, book stores, salons and other shops.  The food available at the places I went to like The Diner and Jyoti Indian Restaurant is reasonably priced.  I had some pleasant conversations in passing with regulars and wait staff and booksellers, too.  It was a very light and positive feeling on that block.  My favorite place on 18th Street NW was Idle Time Books.  They have a wide variety of used books including sci-fi paperbacks from the 1950s.  Also sold there are post cards featuring photos of the book covers of pulp fiction from the 1940s through 1960s.  I bought a few because they are humorous on one level but also serve to dispel nostalgia for the “good old days”.  Women have come a long way since then.  I don’t see this kind of book or art work anymore.  For example, there’s one called “Dime a Dance Queen.”

From my photo album

Adams Inn, 1746 Lanier Place NW, Washington DC


Main entrance.


Living room.


Common dining room.


View of Lanier Place NW going down from The Adams Inn.

Columbia Road NW


Potter’s Field Bookstore and Café.


Inside Potter’s Field.


All Soul’s Unitarian Universalist Church.

18th Street NW


Idle Times Book Store.


One of the many retro styled signs used by restaurants and cafes on 18th Street NW.


One of the bars on 18th St. NW.


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    • Peace, prosperity and good health be with you and yours in 2017, dear Amy. I miss you and all my friends. My job is keeping us very busy and some days I have a mental fatigue. I should be back in the swing of things soon. I hope you take some time for a little break, too. We’ve all had quite a 2016 and it’s time to renew ourselves for the year 2017 will be! Onward and forward in confidence, strength and never losing that ability to rise above what is and envision what can and will be if we remain persistent and patient.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! The area was very charming. I was affected enough to start donating to the food pantry at the church across the street from where I live. I simply have no excuse not to do it. They accept all kinds of foods and even though it’s a very small gesture, I think this is my first must do thing for 2017–to make monthly contributions to this food bank.

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      • We have food banks here too – sad to think we need them. It’s a really useful gesture to contribute and I can’t help thinking about doing something to reduce the need for them. Probably out of my power …


      • I feel the same way–full of a purpose to do something but lacking a sense of any real power. Also working full time leaves me little strength and focus for such causes, especially after taking care of my records, home office and commuting (I’m self-employed). The food pantry donation is a very miniscule effort but being that it’s an all volunteer effort and is doing very well, I see it as a good collective effort.

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