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We thank Fran Marasco and Rosina Coltellaro for access to their family trees for information about Rosina Aiello Marasco Muro. Fran is her grandson and Rosina is her niece. Fran has also provided us with the photos that are part of the postings about life in the Muro family of Wilmerding during the 1920s through 1940s.

Relationship Notes

Nick and Letizia (nee Scotti) Muro left Agropoli in Italy to settle in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania. Five of their six children survived childhood and were alive at the time of Letizia’s passing in early 1921.  With 5 small children, aged roughly from 3 through 10 years of age, Nick had to make a decision as to how to raise his children and take the next step forward in his life.

Nick Muro was:
*Sammy’s maternal Grandfather.
*EmilyAnn’s Great-Grandfather on her maternal line.

Meet Rosina Aiello of Martirano, Catanzaro, Calabria Italy

Rosina was born on May 24, 1896 in Martirano, Catanzaro province of Calabria Italy. She was the daughter of Angelo and Caterina Aiello. Rosina had three brothers: Vincenzo, Francesco and Antonio.

42a-Ricciotti Marasco WWI Uniform

Riciotti Marasco in uniform.

In the mid-1910s she married Ricciotti Marasco son, of Giovanni Marasco. Rosina and Ricciotti had one child named Cristofaro. He was born on May 4, 1916. Riciotti went into the military during WWI. He was killed in battle and posthumously received the Italian War Cross of Honor.

The family has never received answers from the Italian government about where Riciooti fell in battle. His son and grandson’s families have tried throughout the years to locate the battlefield but their efforts have not yielded any results. This makes the photo of Riciotti in uniform and the book of War Cross Meal of Honor Recipients very precious since these are the only mementoes that have passed down in the family.

42a-Italian War Cross of Honor-Ricciotti

Entry for Ricciotti Marasco in the list of recipients for the Italian War Cross of Honor.

Francis Marasco provided the translation of the entry recording the War Cross of Honor Medal given to Ricciotti’s family. It provides valuable information for the family tree. Fran’s translation reads as follows:

Marasco Ricciotti di Giovanni
(Marasco, Ricciotti son of Giovanni)
Soldier #219th Regiment, Infanty. Born 2nd January 1894 in Martirano district/area. Military of Catanzaro. Died 5th September 1917 and/at field for wounded/injured/casualty brought back in battle/combat.

Martirano, Rosina’s Home Town

42a-Martirano Wikimedia Commons (2)

Martirano in 2008. Public Domain.

Martirano is further south from Agropoli along the coastline of Italy. It is situated near the toe of the boot, as many people say when describing the boot like shape of Italy on a map.

In preparation for this posting we could not find any images of Martirano in the early 20th century but did find many at sites dedicated to current vacation spots in Italy. What we found very striking were the mountains covered with the deep greens of trees and plants. This is a contrast to the hills and mountains along the Amalfi coastline and in Agropoli. There the colors of the sun drenched earth dominate. The mountains and hills have less trees and grass, too.

There were not many English language reference sources that provided information on the town during the period of the great migration out of Italy during the 1880s through 1920s. As a result we welcome further information our readers can leave in the comments section of this posting.

According to Rosina’s niece, Rosina Coltellaro, Nick Muro left Wilmerding, PA shortly after the death of his first wife Letizia Scotti Muro in early 1921. He travelled to Italy with the intention of proposing marriage to Rosina. She had an awesome responsibility awaiting her as the future mother of Nick’s 5 small children. Rosina also was, we think, very brave to come to America and begin a new life with such a challenge ahead of her.

Rosina accepted Nick’s proposal and sailed to America with two of her brothers and her son Cristofaro in late 1921.

(to be continued)

Resources for this posting

Photo of Ricciotti Marasco and entry to The Italian War Cross of Merit listing
Courtesy of Francis Marasco.
Used with permission.

Photo of Martirano in 2008

Wikimedia Commons
English: Martirano (Calabria, Italy), View
Italiano: Martirano, Panorama, Date 23 June 2008
Source Own work
Author Ferdinando Chiodo

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