Temporarily Suspending All Blogging Activity

I’m very sorry to inform you that despite repairs my phone line and internet service are very poor.  The internet especially is slower than dial-up service during peak hours.  It is taking much too long for photos in the WordPress blogs to download.  I also have long delays between the time I keyboard a reply and it goes through.

Since I work from home most days my productivity is also diminished.  This is all due, as I learned from the tech who fixed the phone on Saturday, to old copper wires that are rotting away.

My service provider, Verizon, did not follow an evenly planned installation of FIOS high speed internet in this area.  Some blocks got it over a year ago and other blocks were left with the rotting copper wire.  Instead of following a progression, only some blocks were converted to FIOS and then the installations on the other blocks were not done.

This has impacted my ability to upload photos, read archived materials at The Brooklyn Public Library’s database, and so much more.  I have a backlog of email I do not think I will get to since I have to catch up at work.

I am going to miss everyone but please understand it will take some time for me to come back to update my photo albums and blogs.  You will not hear from me at your blogs due to the slow speeds at which screens are opening up.  Google itself is freezing and not doing anything.

FIOS is going to be installed next Friday so let’s hope that goes well.  I will still have to focus on work and business emails first.  If all goes well I think in 2-3 weeks I should be back.  Ever since the storm on January 23rd, 2017 it’s been one thing after another with the phone and internet.  I know this will be resolved but it’s hard to adjust since I’ve become so dependent on the internet not only for socializing but for working as a consultant, too.

Until then, be well.  I will be thinking of you all.




21 thoughts on “Temporarily Suspending All Blogging Activity

    • Norma, Have I missed you! We finally got connected to the fiber optic network on Monday. But there are now power outages still affecting our service. Calls get dropped just like that!!! It turns out that the large number of copper wires in this area are over 100 years old and rotting away at an alarming rate. I’ve been doing my work through two cell phones. I’ve learned that the phone lines aren’t the only thing neglected. Through our insurance contacts at work I’ve learned some of America’s biggest dams are also in urgent need of repair. If floods were to occur the insurance industry for homeowners would be seriously impacted. I worry, too, about our tunnels, roads and bridges. The American infrastructure has been seriously neglected.


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