Summer to Autumn 2017 Posting Schedule

As the summer season nears, we will slow the pace of postings to Through The Byzantine Gate.  A new posting will be published every 2 to 3 weeks.

In June we will achieve a benchmark:  Volume 1 of our family history will conclude in posting no. 50.  From here the focus will shift to life here in America more fully, as we recount how the second generation of Italian-Americans in our family dealt with the challenges of WWII and the ongoing process of assimilation.

During the summer months there will be postings of an intermediate nature.  Nothing heavy or requiring extensive referencing to earlier posts.  We thought it will be fun to share photos and updates of Michael Muro’s trips to visit relatives with Giuseppe Carnicelli, his cousin from Agropoli.

Giuseppe is descended from the family of Giuseppa Carnicelli, my 4th Great Grandmother and Michael’s 3rd Great Grandmother.  I met up with Giuseppe, Michael and Nick, Michael’s brother, over Memorial Day weekend.  That posting will come soon.

There will also be some photos of locations that are a part of our family history along with whatever lore or memories we share about them.  So be ready for an easy breezy summer filled with our shared experiences and photos, introductions to members of our main and branch families.


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