Christmas Break 2017: The Dyker Heights Lights

Christmas 2017

Every year I return to the neighborhood where I grew up.  As I walk up and down the blocks to the heart of Dyker Heights many memories come back.  Some happy, some sad.  Overall I still admire the beauty, the seclusion and the sense of continuity that flows through the area.  This is especially true when I return at Christmas.  As I get closer to the area between 80th to 84 Streets between 11th to 13th Avenues, the entire landscape transforms into an electric Christmas wonderland.

This year the lighting displays were more subdued.  There were no animated figures or loud music.  The crowds were absent, too.  This made this year closer and more intimate for me.  Small groups of people, many with children, congregated in front of the mini-mansions for fabulous photo ops.  As soon as the flash went off, though, they moved on and as a result the sidewalks were easily navigated.

The mini-mansions looked beautiful and grand this year.  What I liked the most was that the smaller houses, similar in size to the one I grew up in, also had a chance to shine with well thought out ornaments, displays and lights.  I decided to take pictures of these homes with just a few of the mini-mansions.  I hope you enjoy this short tour of the neighborhood where I grew up.  In the year ahead you will learn more about Dyker Heights as the story of the lives of my Mom and maternal Grandparents continues to unfold.

The photos I took may be reused freely.  A link back to this blog would be a great way to say “Thanks!”

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2017








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  1. I will have to drive through this area on one of our Brooklyn trips, though we always seem overwhelmed with our kids and never get to do other things! Merry Christmas!

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