Photobucket is deleting photos!

You may notice that photos are missing from postings at this and my other blogs.

There is a major problem at Photobucket as reported on

Photos linked to a Photobucket account, like the ones on this blog, may be displaying a placeholder that says “Owner moved or deleted this photo.”  Well, that’s not true.  Photobucket accounts still display the photos in the accountholder’s library where photos are uploaded.  The problem is that there are also placeholders saying the photos are deleted.

I’ve tried to copy the links so I can add the media again here at WordPress but the fields where the links display cannot be clicked in.

About the only thing working right now at Photobucket are the pop-ups advertising more expensive services and third party hosting.

I will report back on how Photobucket responds to my email.

The reason why photos are missing is that Photobucket wants $400 a year for subscribers who want to do Third Party Hosting, such as posting photos to a blog using photos from the Photobucket albums.

I plan to cancel the Photobucket account and upload the photos to WordPress instead.  I’ve been using Photobucket for 13 years and was satisfied with the service despite the slowness.  In the past year it has deteriorated.

15 thoughts on “Photobucket is deleting photos!

    • More than annoying, the word is out that PB wants $400 a year to do Third Party Hosting. Which means if I don’t pay my photos will only be viewable from their site. I’m gutted. I simply cannot go back and put photos in to every posting. This blog will die without the past photos and screen shots.

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      • I was with PB since 2004 and it was free. Then I upgraded to the $89 service and it was great. I never thought about changing directly to WordPress. My fault because I’m pulled in so many directions that I didn’t read the fine print about PH Terms. I’ve learned even if you pay the ridiculous $400 a year they still give you poor service and links get broken. I’m going to have some job reposting the photos direct to WordPress but if I upload the photos to one posting in the morning and evening I’ll manage.

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  1. I am sorry—that sounds like a nightmare. I just upload to WordPress from my computer. I used to link from the Zegmanta or whatever it was called that used to come with WordPress, but those links disappeared also, so now I just upload manually. Good luck!

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    • I am thinking of coming over and doing it all here. I just sent a message about the cost. I’ll compare with Photobucket but I think it will be wise to switch. Thankfully, my Uncle and I have a great filing system and have backed everything up. It would just be a matter of putting all the photos back manually.


      • What cost? I am not sure what you mean—there is no cost to uploading media on I did have to upgrade when I ran out of storage space, but that was much cheaper than $400 a year.

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