Restoration of photos to postings is in progress

To my Friends and Family in real-time and here at WordPress:

You will notice photos are missing from many postings in this blog.  This is due to a decision at my former photo hosting service (Photobucket) to require their subscribers to paid accounts, as well as users of the free accounts, to be prepared for steep price increases for services.  In particular only those who pay the higher fees will be enabled to have their photos display at third party sites.

Without notifying subscribers by email, Photobucket has done such things in the past.  June through July 2017 saw many professional sites have their photos pulled and replaced by a placeholder telling them it was time to upgrade their Photobucket service.  Many businesses and vendors using Amazon were affected.  The damage continued as photos no longer displayed at blogs and forums.  Online tutorials were also damaged by the loss of their visuals.

On Friday 3/2/18 I notice a similar action being taken on some of the postings at my various blogs here at WordPress.  When I received an email reply from Photobucket Support I was told the problem was on my side:  I had to clear out cookies that had accumulated.  I did some research on the issue and learned about Photobucket’s escapades in July 2017.  At this point all my blogs were now having about 50% of their photos in “hostage” status until I signed up for the higher level of service and paid the higher fee.

Given that Photobucket’s server is painfully slow and bloated with ads and pop-ups I decided it was time to get out of the rut I’ve been in with their service.  I sent a second email telling them to cancel my subscription.  In return I received a reply telling me the techs were working on a solution to the problem.  I was also offered a discount on the higher priced “quality” service.

My subscription ends on April 19, 2018.  I made a decision to delete my photo albums so as to leave nothing there once April 19th comes.  Thanks to a good filing system and back-up I’m putting back the photos to each posting.  Now I am using WordPress for the blog and the photo uploading.  Of the 180 or so postings here I have put photos back for 90 postings.  Please do not be upset if your photos are temporarily not displaying.  I will get them over to WordPress and uploaded a little bit each day.  Also, remember that I work full time at a very busy job and have a long commute when I travel to the main office.

Things will get done all in good time.

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