59a-Carola family of Agropoli-Hoteliers, Coachmen and Shopkeepers, Part 2


This posting is a continuation of 59a-Carola family of Agropoli-Hoteliers, Coachmen and Shopkeepers, Part 1.  We turn our attention now to the professions of the family heads in Angie’s maternal line.  Also considered are possible connections between Angie’s Carola line and Uncle Sammy’s Serrapede line.

Aunt Angie’s Maternal line—Possible relationships to our Serrapede and Muro lines

59a-Angie's maternal line
Angie’s maternal line-di Luccio family.

Aunt Angie’s mother, Rosa di Luccio was born on December 5, 1875. She was the daughter of Salvatore di Luccio and Filomena D’Agosto. Salvatore’s professions included agricultural work and driving a coach. It’s interesting to consider that Rosa’s father-in-law was also a coach driver. Their work may have created a close relationship between the families so that when Gaetano was ready to marry his parents introduced him to Rosa as a good match.

Aunt Angie’s maternal lineage is composed of relationships that might intersect Uncle Sammy’s by ties of blood and/or marriage through her maternal Great Grandmother Maddalena Montone (1820-1900)

Uncle Sammy’s Third Great Grandmother was also named Maddalena Montone. She lived in the latter part of the 18th century and was the wife of Giuseppe di Giaimo. The Montone bloodline enters Sammy’s pedigree through his mother, Josie Muro Serrapede. Although Anthony has done some new research on the Montone family in Agropoli there isn’t any information available about our Maddalena Montone at this time.

59a-Uncle Sammy Serrapede chart
Sammy’s paternal line-Serrapede family.

Another possible relationship by blood or extended family connections created by marriage may come through Aunt Angie’s Great Grandmother Rosa Serrapede. There is no record of her outside of the marriage to Filippo di Luccio. If there exists a relationship it enters Sammy through his father Sam Serrapede’s line.

Discussion with Uncle Sammy on Sunday, May 1, 2016 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

We continued our recollections and memories of Aunt Angie’s family.

From one of our relatives, we learned that her sister Christina went to live on the West Coast. She had a successful career in real estate. Christina did not stay in touch with family back in Wilmerding.

Aunt Angie was very close to her youngest brother George. He lived with Aunt Angie and Uncle Peter for a time. He went to work in Tennessee for a while but returned to live in Wilmerding where he remained for the rest of his life.

Jim Salvi was married to Aunt Angie’s sister Antoinette. Uncle Sammy remembers him as a very quiet man. Antoinette was the talkative one who dominated the scene whenever they went to visit or entertain guests in their home. She was always impeccably dressed. Uncle Sammy and I remember this about Antoinette as well as her very up-front way in which she expressed herself. Antoinette did not hesitate to tell you her thoughts but always in a very well-mannered way.


Occupation: Fabbro ferraio blacksmith

Translation from



Occupation: Vetturino coach driver, coachman

Translation from



Occupation: Marinaro, possidente fisherman, landlord or landowner

Translation from


Marinaro http://dictionary.reverso.net/italian-english/marinaro

Possidente http://dictionary.reverso.net/italian-english/possidente

Occupation: Pescatore, albergatore, bettoliere, possidente

Translations by Reverso

Albergatore: hotelier, host


Pescatore fisher fisherman


Bettoliere inn keeper


Possidente landowner



Anthony Vermandois has conducted extensive research into the genealogy of families from Agropoli and nearby towns in Campania, Italy. This information is available at his site ImaginesMaiorum. We have used the charts of descent he created to explore the lineage of the Carola family and their relationships to our Muro and Serrapede bloodlines. We have used the charts for the following surnames in Agropoli:



di Lembo




di Luccio (part B)



in Agropoli: http://www.imaginesmaiorum.net/surname.cfm?id=376



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  1. It’s remarkable how families from small towns became so intertwined by marriage. Today with children moving away from their home towns and so many people living in cities or large suburbs, that doesn’t happen nearly as much and is almost considered strange—to marry someone to whom you are related.

    1. I agree. But when I think about it they knew each other much better than some couples do today. I think a contributing factor to dovorce comes from not knowing enough about each other’s family and experiencing sustained contact.
      It is so easy to be misled by too much romance and not enough exposure to each other’s families.

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