73-Serrapede Family in Brooklyn-Our Losses, Our Gains 1940-43 Pt. 4


Giuseppe D’Agosto was the son of Francesco and Raffaela (nee Carnicelli) D’Agosto.  He was born in the town of Agropoli on February 20th, 1895.  The earliest record we have of his arrival in the United States is circa 1913.  He lived in Manhattan and then moved to Brooklyn, NY before 1920. 

During WWI, Giuseppe served our country as a Private in the 22nd Infantry of the U.S. Army. The Infantry had a heavy presence in New York City for the duration of WWI where they protected the citizenry by patrolling the transportations systems and roads.

In 1923 Giuseppe travelled to Agropoli for his marriage to Philomena Serrapede.  Upon his return to the United States with Philomena, Giuseppe settled in Brooklyn.  The 1925 New York State Census shows us that Giuseppe was not only a citizen but also a Civil Service employee.  He drove a truck for the Department of Sanitation.  Giuseppe continued to work with the DoS throughout the 1930s and was still at his job when the 1940 Federal Census was taken.  He earned $1872 in 1939 which was enough to put his family into the ranks of the middle class. 

Relationship Notes

Giuseppe D’Agosto’s wife, the former Philomena Serrapede, was the eldest sister of Sam Serrapede

Sam and his wife Josie were the parents of Gerry, Emily Leatrice and Sammy Serrapede.  This made Giuseppe and Philomena D’Agosto Gerry, Emily Leatrice and Sammy’s paternal Aunt and Uncle.

The D’Agosto Family in 1940

The D’Agosto family rented an apartment in the house owned by Frank Errico, located at 1170-65th Street.  Giuseppe’s status in the 1940 Federal Census differs from that of the 1925 NYS Census.  Here his immigration status is Naturalized where as in 1925 NYS Census his status is given as Citizen. 

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