53b-Serrapede Family in America-Emily Leatrice’s Baptism, December 1931

Relationship Notes

Emily Serrapede is featured in this posting. She was the daughter of Sam and Josie (nee Muro) Serrapede, older sister of Gerald and Sammy, and EmilyAnn’s Mother.


In 1930 Sam and Josie were married at the Church of St. Rosalia. The church was built on 14th Avenue and 65th Street. When their daughter Emily Leatrice was born in 1931 they were living in the Bath Beach section of Brooklyn. Six months later she was baptized at St. Rosalia’s Church where the family moved before  Emily was Baptized. As young parents, Sam and Josie needed the help and companionship of their relatives and paesanos, most who lived in Dyker Heights. This was a good move. Their daughter grew up in the company of her cousins, many who became her best friends.

The Baptismal Certificate

53b-Mom Baptism Cert 5

Baptismal Certificate for Emily Serrapede.

Although her birth certificate had her official name as Emily, the Baptismal Certificate bears her name in Italian. Emilia Pappalardo Serrapede was her paternal Grandmother. This might have been a custom observed in the immigrant community. The official record has the English version of the name and the baptismal name is in Italian. Josie and Sam followed this practice with their son Jerry.

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50-Serrapede Family in America: Josie and Sam get married, 1930


Around 1928, Josie Muro had to leave her hometown of Wilmerding, Pennsylvania to avoid the damage gossip would cause to her reputation and the honor of her family.  A young man named Ernest, who was already engaged to another woman, started a flirtation which Josie was reluctant to stop.  Josie’s parents met with the parents of the woman Ernest was engaged to.  All parties agreed the most expedient thing to do was send Josie to live with relatives in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.  Ernest would not know where she went and the matter would be settled.  Josie came to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn where she lived with her maternal Aunt Elisa Scotti Errico and family.

Three years earlier in August of 1925 Sam Serrapede came to America from Agropoli.  Until 1930 he lived with his sister and brother-in-law in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Given the distance between Red Hook and Dyker Heights we will try to use the Marriage Certificate to recreate a possible scenario as to how Josie and Sam got together.  Even though Josie and Sam shared many memories and family stories throughout the years, they never reminisced about how they met, their courtship or their wedding day.

Relationship Notes

Sam (Sabato) Serrapede was the son of Gennaro and Emilia (nee Papplardo) Serrapede.

Josie Muro was the daughter of Nick (Nicola) and Letizia (nee Scotti) Muro.

Josie and Sam were:

• Sammy’s Parents.
• EmilyAnn’s maternal Grandparents.

The Marriage Certificate of Sabato Serrapede and Josephine Muro

51-Mom's Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate of Josie and Sam.

Obtaining Josie and Sam’s marriage certificate helped answer the questions we had concerning their whereabouts prior to marriage.  Sam gave his address as 2472 West Street in Brooklyn.  This is the same address where his sister Filomena and her family were living when the 1930 Census was taken.

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19c-Coppola Family: Our Paesanos and Cousins in Agropoli and America


Imagines Maiorum is a website dedicated to Anthony Vermandois’ genealogical research of families who lived in Agropoli, Atripalda, Castellabate, Laureana Cilento, Monte san Giacomo, and Padula.  New data is being compiled for the residents of these towns who immigrated abroad.

We have used the charts of decent for the Serrapede, Muro, Scotti and Coppola families of Agropoli to prepare this posting.

A Name from the Past comes back into the Present

Uncle Sammy Serrapede had one of those “AHA” moments while we reviewed the marriages made by the children of Francesco and Rosolia (nee Patella) Scotti.

The mention of the marriage of their daughter Carmela brought back memories he had of a family who frequently called and visited his parents while he was growing up.

What brought about the “AHA” moment:  Carmela Scotti and Ignazio Coppola

Carmela was born circa 1850 to Francesco and Rosolia (nee Patella) Scotti in Agropoli.

 On February 20, 1869 Carmela married Ignazio Coppola.

Their children were:  Fortunata b.1871, Maddalena b.1873, Evangelista b.1875, Filomena b.1877, Antonia b.1881, Carmine b.1884, Emilia b.1886, Rosalia b.1892

Carmela Scotti Coppola was the sister of Sammy’s Great Grandfather Carmine Scotti.  Carmela was Sammy’s Great Aunt.

Aha!  The Coppolas were our paesanos!

A paesano (masculine) or paesana (feminine)is a person from one’s home town in Italy.

When discussing Carmela Scotti’s marriage with my Uncle Sammy on March 8, 2015 he mentioned that the Coppola family were very close paesanos to his parents.  He remembers that the Coppola family members his mom Josie knew lived in Brooklyn, NY.  There were also family members in Burlington, NJ and Wilmerding, PA.  Whenever the Coppola family of Burlington, NJ came to Brooklyn to visit their extended family they would stop by to visit the Serrapedes.

My Uncle Sammy said his father Sam also had paesanos from the Coppola family.  He wanted to know if the relationship went any further.

On Saturday, March 14, 2015 we reviewed the genealogical tables created by Anthony Vermandois and the pedigree charts on our family tree at Ancestry we made a discovery that explains why there were frequent visits by the Coppola family as he was growing up:  in addition to sharing the same hometown, there were ties of blood and marriage that brought the families together.

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19b-Scotti Family in Agropoli-Francesco and Rosolia’s Children Get Married


The research done by Anthony Vermandois at Imagines Maiorum-Ancestors from Campania forms the basis for this exploration into the lives of our family who lived in Agropoli before immigrating to the United States. We have used the charts of descent for the Scotti family to prepare this posting.

Relationship Notes

Francesco and Rosolia (nee Patella) Scotti were:

–Sammy’s 2nd Great Grandparents
–EmilyAnn’s 3rd Great Grandparents

Children of Francesco and Rosolia Scotti

Francesco and Rosolia had four children who lived to marry and have children of their own. They are:

Raffaele Scotti
Born: c.1835
Married: Filomena Gallo di Mauro
Children: Rosalia b.1867, Francesco b.1868, Carmine b.1870, Antonio b.1872, Carmela b.1874, Rosa b.1876, Carlo b.1879, Gabriele b.1882
Died: 26.03.1906
Occupation: Marinaro (fisherman)

CARMINE SCOTTI (our direct line ancestor)
Born: c.1846
Married: Maria Giovanna di Giaimo 27.05.1869, Agropoli
Children: Raffaele b.1870, Raffaele b.1871, Evangelista b.1873, Antonio b.1875, Fedele b.1878, Mariano b.1880, Antonio b.1885, Concetta/LETIZIA b.1888, Elisa b.1891
Occupation: Marinaro (fisherman)

Carmela Scotti
Born: c.1850
Married: Ignazio Coppola 20.02.1869, Agropoli
Children: Fortunata b.1871, Maddalena b.1873, Evangelista b.1875, Filomena b.1877, Antonia b.1881, Carmine b.1884, Emilia b.1886, Rosalia b.1892

Antonia Scotti
Born: c.1853
Married: Matteo Giordano 22.05.1875, Agropoli
Children: Saverio b.1878, Vincenzo b.1881, Anna b.1884, Rosa b.1887, Emilia b.1891, Raffaele b.1894, Carmine b.1896

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7f-Serrapede & Scotti families in New York: Searching for Carmela and Carmine


Thanks to research done by Anthony Vermandois of Imagines Maiorum-Ancestors from Campania, we were able to retrieve the 1915 NYS Census entry for Carmine and Carmela (nee Serrapede) Scotti.

We also thank Steve Morse  for the creation of a database where one can find the information needed to conduct a search of the New York State Census records by address.  This search is limited to certain census years.  Please visit Steve’s site for further details at:  Obtaining AD/ED for the 1890-1925 New York State Census in One Step

Recap of previous postings

Anthony’s findings helped us successfully retrieve documentation and records about the Serrapede family in New York starting in the late 19th century.

This line of the family is through Gennaro and Rosa (nee Scotti) Serrapede.  So far as we now know, their son Sabato is the earliest member of our family who became an American Citizen.  Their daughter Carmela married Carmine Scotti in Agropoli.  Anthony’s research revealed that Carmela and Carmine lived in New York City and were recorded in the 1915 NYS Census.

When we could not find the records about Carmela and Carmine that Anthony cites at his website we began to use other means besides searching by name in Ancestry’s database.  By using the address to retrieve the records needed we learned why name searches had failed:  the surname Scotti was incorrect in the original census record and then in the data entry to Ancestry’s database.

Relationship Notes

Carmela Serrapede Scotti was the daughter of Gennaro and Rosa (nee Scotti) Serrapede.  She was married to Carmine Scotti in 1889 while they still lived in Agropoli.

The children of Carmine and Carmela were born in Agropoli.  They were:

Rachele (born about 1890)
Francesco (a/k/a Frank in the U.S.)  (born about 1892)

Carmela’s paternal Grandparents were Luigi and Angela Maria (nee Borrelli) Serrapede.

We have reiterated the names within her pedigree chart because the relationships carry over to Carmela’s life in New York City.

Carmela Serrapede Scotti was:

Sammy’s 1st Cousin 2x removed
EmilyAnn’s 1st Cousin 3x removed

Description of Search Method

Anthony’s research into the 1915 New York State Census provided the address at which Carmela and Carmine lived:  75 Baxter Street.

By entering the address at Steve’s site we learned that in the 1915 NYS Census 75 Baxter Street was in the 3rd Assembly District/1st Enumeration District.  For search purposes this is entered as AD3/ED1.

Back at Ancestry we searched using this information.  The entire census record for this particular AD/ED came up for viewing.  It was just a matter of reviewing each page until we found the one where 75 Baxter Street began.

Carmela and Carmine are found!

7f-1915 Census Carmela Carmine

1915 New York State Census entry for the Scotti household.

On page 16 we found Carmela and Carmine Scotti.  We found the reason why the records were not easy to retrieve in Ancestry’s database.  There were transcription errors in the original census record.

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