Summer 2017: Michael Muro’s Trip to Italy, Part 3-A visit to the Aiello Family

Updated on 8-13-2017:

Thanks to Antonio Eugenio Aiello this posting is updated with the name, address and screen shots of the restaurant where Michael and the Aiello family had lunch.  The caption for the fifth photo was corrected.  Updated info is in italics.


Cousin Michael Muro vacationed in Italy this July. He stayed in Agropoli with relatives including Giuseppe Carnicelli.  Giuseppe accompanied Michael when he travelled south to Calabria to visit Antonio Eugenio and Aldisa Aiello.  Antonio’s daughters Stefania and Sandra were also in town.  This was such a good development for Michael and Giuseppe.

It looks like the day in Calabria included lots of good food, good scenery, good company, and good conversation! Uncle Sammy and I are very happy that Cousin Michael had a chance to enjoy La Dolce Vita during this trip to Italy.

We introduced Giuseppe Carncicelli in two earlier postings.  Please see links in the Related Postings section.

Relationship Notes

Antonio Eugenio Aiello is the nephew of Michael’s paternal Grandmother Rose Aiello Marasco Muro.

Michael and Antonio connected after Antonio’s son Amedeo Aiello contacted me earlier this year. It is a beautiful thing to have facilitated the introduction through this blog and watch the relationship grow.

Ristorante Pesce Fresco

The Aiello family, Michael Muro and Giuseppe Carnicelli dined at the Ristorante Pesce Fresco.  The following screen shots from Google Maps provide the location and street view. 

Aerial view from Google Maps.  The orange dot denotes the restaurant location.

Street view from Google Maps. 

Michael Muro’s Photo Album: A visit with the Aiello Family of Calabria, July 2017

The white strip you see running across the sand on this beach is a concrete walkway. People can walk along it to avoid the hot sand.  When you reach a point where you want to be you can then go onto the sand.

At the beach (left to right): Antonio Eugenio Aiello, his wife Aldisa, Michael Muro, and Antonio’s daughters Stefania and Sandra.

The restaurant where Michael and the Aiello family had lunch is located near the beach. Around the table from left to right are:  Michael, Antonio Eugenio, Aldisa, Sandra and Stefania.

Michael enjoyed the meal which started with this dish of marinated fish, tuna and pink marinated onions.

The next course consisted of a choice of pasta with fish, spaghetti with claims and ravioli with scallops. Here are the raviolis.  Is anyone getting hungry?

Michael described the third course for me when I asked about how this fish was prepared. He told me that “There was a choice of swordfish or fish that was cleaned of the bones and split open with seasoning and breadcrumbs and baked in the oven. This fish was served with the head which I had the waiter remove. Sorry but I don’t remember the name of this fish. But it was very good.”

At home with the Aiello family.  Left to right: Antonio Eugenio, Aldisa, Michael Muro, Sandra and Stefania.

Michael’s beautiful day in Calabria concluded with Antonio asking for some photos of the family members back in the U.S. And so the relationships will continue to grow and, we hope, flourish.

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Family Story: The Carola Hotel

Title:  The Carola Hotel

Location:  Agropoli, Salerno, Campania, Italy

Occasion:  Visit to Muro and Serrapede Families in Our Ancestral Hometown

Time:  Summer 1976

My Maternal Grandparents, Josie (nee Muro) and Sam (Sabato) Serrapede, took me on a three week trip to Italy in the Summer of 1976.  The main purpose was to celebrate my Grandmother’s retirement and to reconnect with the family in Agropoli.  Both my maternal Grandmother and Grandfather were born in that town which is near Salerno in Campania Province.

Grandma Josie was firm that we were going to stay at the hotel because she wanted the comfort of all the modern conveniences.  I did not understand her emphasis until after we arrived in Agropoli.

The Carola was situated at the foot of the Old Town, a slight distance from the high hill upon which the Old Town is located.  There was a view of the beach from our room.  It was especially beautiful at sunrise.  I remember how the water looked bronze and the side of the hill began to light up from the base to the top as the sun climbed higher in the sky.  At night we could see the night fisherman out in their rowboats carrying lanterns.  I was told the light would stun the fish and make them less likely to escape from the nets.

The weather was very hot and on some days slightly humid, on other days dry.  I ended up taking two showers a day, frequently washing my hair.  The hotel did not have air conditioning at that time.

My Grandmother and I shared a room while my Grandfather had a large room to himself on the floor above us.  We could hear him from the terrace right above ours as he talked to friends who passed by on the street below.  Our room was very simple by American standards.  There were no rugs or fancy drapes or slip covers.  I’m glad there weren’t because the room would have felt too closed in during the hot weather.  The walls were smooth and painted a neutral color, beige or sand.  The furniture was very simple, too.  Everything was very neat, well-ordered and very clean.  Given how bright the sunlight could be and how hot the long days were, I found that simplicity and order all I needed to be satisfied with the comfort the room offered.

I didn’t appreciate just how much the conveniences at The Carola Hotel meant to me until we visited Grandpa Sam’s sister Italia.  She lived in a very, very old Pre-WWII building right at the foot of the stairs leading up to The Old Town.  It was quite an accomplishment that Italia’s family had gotten running water up to her apartment.  The toilet, though, was still a shared facility.  It was situated in a little room in the hallway of the floor where she lived.  Other tenants on the floor also used that toilet.  There were times a bucket of water had to be thrown down to ensure everything got flushed away.

I wasn’t aware that the Carola Hotel was owned by the family from which Mary Angela (née Carola) Muro’s father was born into.

Mary Angela was my Grandma Josie’s sister-in-law.  We always called Mary Angela by her nickname of Angie.  Angie was married to Grandma Josie’s younger brother Peter Muro.

On February 13, 2014 Claudia Muro, daughter-in-law of Angie and Peter Muro, told me the Carola Hotel was closed some time ago.  Claudia is married to Angie and Peter’s son, Robert Muro.

Claudia told me that the Carola Family operated the hotel and its restaurant separately.  She knew one of the cooks who worked at the restaurant.  He wanted very much to work in America and he loved Wilmerding, the Muro’s home town in the U.S.A.  He was unable to complete the process, though and could not come here to live and work.

As much as I loved visiting all the relatives, I was thankful we had the hotel room to retreat into each night while we were in Agropoli.  I enjoyed the quiet company of my Grandma Josie and the view of the beach each morning and night.  I needed that quiet time after all the sightseeing and visiting each day.

EmilyAnn Frances May

May 14, 2014

36e-Made in Italy (Part 2)


Aunt Kathie and Uncle Sammy surprised me with a beautiful gift from Italy.  I never expected to get a cameo that has my initial.  I love the mix of modernity and tradition it has.  Now I’m thinking of getting a new white blouse to wear with it.  I may even have a jeweler put a gold loop through the hole so I can replace the cord with a short gold chain.

Cameo by APA

This cameo was made from a sea shell.  The artisans have to go through several layers in the shell to reach the darker background that provides the contrast.





36e-Aunt Kathie & Uncle Sammy’s Vacation 2016-Made in Italy (Part 1)


While Uncle Sammy spent a day at leisure on the mainland, Aunt Kathie went to the Isle of Capri.  She enjoyed the time there and had the opportunity to get a pair of custom  made sandals.  The photo said it all to me–Italy still designs and creates many beautiful things by hand.

Sandals by Capri Mania


Aunt Kathie said the process of getting the sandals made was very simple.  After taking the measurement of her foot, the leather was cut and the sandals put together.  She got to select the set of crystals used for ornamentation.  The entire process took thirty minutes to complete.

I hope Aunt Kathie enjoys wearing these beautiful sandals and all the compliments she will receive.  They are simple and elegant.  The colors suit her perfectly.  If you’re ever on the Isle of Capri you can get your own sandals made at Capri Mania located in the town of Anacapri.

36d-Uncle Sammy & Aunt Kathie’s Tour of Italy-Pompeii

Pompeii:  Ancient meets Modern

I am still enjoying all the photos from Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie’s tour of Italy.  I’ve gone back to the ones from Pompeii many times because they offer so much to think on.  The photos I’m talking about feature modern sculptures by Igor Mitoraj that are juxtaposed amidst the ancient ruins of Pompeii.  These sculptures are larger than life.  Yet as you look at them against the backdrop of Pompeii they bring to mind many messages.  At first I questioned what the purpose of the sculptures were because they seem so jarring and out of place.  Uncle Sammy, Aunt Kathie and I had a very interesting conversation through the comments at the album and by email.  Their guidance got me to admit to my feelings and better articulate them.

The sculptures confront us and challenge us to look at the experience of visiting Pompeii in a different way.  They can be looked at as conveying messages of hope, renewal and the ability of humanity to overcome and endure. Everyone will come away with a different reaction to this experience.  It took awhile for me to accept the presence of these sculptures at Pompeii.  I’m continuing to make connections between the ancient and modern messages in both.  This means the artist has achieved the goal of getting us to see, think and respond to the ancient city and what happened in a new and hopefully deeper way.

The Scuptures of Igor Mitoraj at Pompeii


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36c-Summer Break-Uncle Sammy & Aunt Kathie’s Trip to Italy-David


Uncle Sammy sent me an email where he joked that he was going to see Florence and David during his vacation in Italy.  He doesn’t have any friends by that name and neither does Aunt Kathie.  It wasn’t until I got the email invitation to visit their photo album that I understood they were going to see Michelangelo’s David while on tour in Florence.

These photos, Uncle Sammy told me, only capture something of the awe he felt at the work Michelangelo put into this masterpiece.  I hope you can sense the power which I felt when seeing the close-ups of David.

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36b-Uncle Sammy & Aunt Kathie’s trip to Italy-Stresa (continued)


We continue with a mini-tour of Stresa through the beautiful photos from Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie’s album.  Located in the North of Italy.

Stresa street sign.jpg

Aunt Kathie translated this street sign that welcomes visitors to Stresa.  It says, “Welcome to Stresa, a community of music and flowers.”

Stresa alley

One of the scenic alleys in Stresa where tourists can shop or dine outdoors.

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