Our Family Circle: Update on the Lingle Family

It is good to be back with friends and family here at WordPress.  The Winter Break was very productive for me.  I had a chance to get back into beloved hobbies like sewing and crocheting after too long a break caused by preparing to move out of Brooklyn.

During the break Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie went to Miami, Florida to spend Christmas with the Lingle family.  Michael is Aunt Kathie’s son from her first marriage.  He married Katy Ester Knipp in June 2016.

Michael and Katy became the parents of  William “Jake” Lingle in 2017.  Their second child, Robert “Ace” Clark Lingle, was born  on September 3, 2018.  This Christmas Jake and Ace were featured on the postcard Michael and Katy sent out.

Ace and Jake.

Ace calmly looks on as Jake expresses his displeasure at having his photo taken.

What I loved about this postcard was the way Ace calmly posed for the photos while Jake got so upset.  I’d have thought it would be the other way around!  What makes this photo more cute is that embroidered  on their pajamas Ace has “Little Brother” and Jake has “Best Brother”.   Next time photos are taken we hope Ace can help Jake be more confident in front of the camera.

Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie then spent the end of December and  early part of January in Acalpulco, Mexico.  They are back in the U.S. now and easing into the New Year.

I look forward to catching up with all my family and friends.  Many happy events have unfolded in real-time since November 2018.  I will share these next time before resuming our usual postings.

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Our Family Circle: Serrapede-Muro Scanning Project-New Files at Ancestry

Newly scanned PDF files of complete documentation are now available at the Torregrossa & Serrapede Research Tree at Ancestry.

**Death Certificate of Arcangela Serrapere (last name also spelled Sarrapere).  Originally the surname was Serrapede.  She was the wife of the first Serrapede in our line to settle in America in the late 19th century.  Date of Death:  July 11, 1936

**Marriage Certificate of Beni Flaszenberg (Benjamin Flashenberg) to Taube Rosenbaum (Tillie Rosenbaum) Nov. 1, 1903

**Death Certificate of Tillie Flashenberg, July 2, 1958

**Birth Certificate of Dorothy Muriel Kennedy (Dorothy Kennedy on certificate), July 3, 1909

**Birth Certificate of Isidore Flaslhenberg (later known as Irving Flashenberg, Irving Kennedy, Ben Kennedy), March 15, 1909

**Death Certificate of Catherine (Caterina) Torregrossa, July 19, 1955.  Maiden name incorrectly written as “Giacone”.  It was actually Giaconia.

Our Family Circle: The Serrapede-Muro Scanning Project-New Scans at Ancestry

More scans of original vital records we purchased are now available for copying to your tree.  Uncle Sammy and I emphasize the following:

  • The files are all in PDF format because this allows for all the images to be in one document.
  • PDF files cannot be altered or changed.  Our stamp cannot be edited out.
  • The stamp “For Research Purposes Only.” along with our names is to prevent any misuse of the documentation.
  • Having our names as the source of the document will help other researchers establish a contact point with us if they have questions.
  • Ancestry does not provide viewing for PDF file formats.  You can copy to your tree, yes.  But to VIEW you must download and save to your hard drive.
  • We recommend you make a folder and label is “Serrapede-Muro Scanning Project” where you can keep your downloaded copies of the PDFs.
  • You must have Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF files.  Adobe is a free program you can download.  We recommend it and use it regularly.

Here are the PDFs available today at our tree, which is public:

  • Certificate of Marriage Registration for David Granito and Emilia D’Agosto
  • Certificate of Marriage Registration for Alfonso Serrapede and Mildred Restagno
  • Birth Certificate for Mary Frances Kennedy
  • Affidavit for  License to Marry for Nunzio Dell’Amore and Lillian D’Agosto
  • Certificate of Marriage Registration for Mario Chinnici and Martha D’Agosto

The resolution of this batch of scans was increased to 600 dpi whereas the previous batch uploaded was 300 dpi.  Please let us know if in comparing the scans you find one or the other better to read.  Your feedback will help me get better at this task.

All documents are complete.  Sometimes you will find the same page scanned twice.  This is done to include the state seal and signature at the bottom of some documents.



Our Family Circle: The Serrapede-Muro Scanning Project begins!

Uncle Sammy and I decided it was the time to offer an improved set of vital document files at Ancestry.  The current batch of vital records we purchased and used in research is of poor quality.  Most of that is due to the tug and pull that the family history project has developed into.  I have a very limited amount of time to allocate to the administrative side of my role.  The majority of the time is in research, discussions, creating the postings and maintaining the blog.  With winter setting in and a very strong desire on my part to hibernate and putter about my new apartment in my free time, it is the best time to tackle the scanning project.

Each vital record is scanned and includes all pages as well as any back page that bears a date stamp and/or seal of the state or office the document originated from.  Also included in a stamp with our names and the wording “for research use only”.  This will provide a source of contact in case anyone who picks up and uses the documentation has questions.

There is some wildly inaccurate information about the family on some–not all–public trees.  A review of the misinformation supports the impression that the people entering the data have little real time knowledge of the family, as well as poor research and reasoning skills when it comes to analyzing data and proofreading entries, Uncle Sammy and I decided the best way to counter the errors is to provide the complete documentation.  The previous documentation consisted of page 1 of each document and was taken on my Android phone.

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Our Family Circle: Michael Muro

Just a quick update for all the Muro family and friends.  Michael Muro is convalescing after a quadruple bypass this past Friday, July 27th.  The operation was a success and Michael is gradually getting up and around with help from the nurses and staff.  If all goes well he will be released and sent home this coming Saturday, August 4th.

Michael’s maternal cousin, Peter Di Fiore, will stay with Michael during his recovery at home.  It may be a little time before Michael is up to taking phone calls and following up on texts but your thoughts and support mean so much. So go ahead and send him an encouraging message whenever possible.



Our Family Circle: EmilyAnn’s Summer Break



To all family and friends at WordPress and in real-time:

At long last, after a brutally cold winter and rainy spring the glorious warm and bright days of summer are with us.  On some mornings we awaken to the fragrances coming in from the gardens nearby:  fresh earth and flowers greet us on our walks.  Bird calls begin earlier and the time before sunrise is magical in the restorative qualities it can bring.  Likewise when enjoying  a stroll or time alone during twilight before the stars come out.

I plan to take the summer off to find time for these simple pleasures and activities.  Since January 2018 I have prepared for my; relocation to New Jersey.  Because we are very busy at the office, I spaced out the downsizing of my possessions so that only what has meaning and value to me remains.  I then needed time to carefully pack my belongings.  What I kept is what my late Mom left to me like her porcelain dolls and Limoges miniatures.  Believe it or not, packing each little treasure with care helped me focus on many happy memories as well as getting the job done right.

The move comes on July 18th at a time when we are even more busy at work.  As much as I would like to consistently read the entries of my dear WordPress friends like Amy, Laleh, Anita, Norma, Hila, Naomi and many more I cannot do so with the thoughtful review and comment each posting deserves.  Sometimes as I think of my new apartment I am overwhelmed by things like hanging drapes or learning how to cook on an electric range instead of a gas range.  But these things will pass as the new norm of life in the charming town where I will live sets in.

I’ll be back in late summer-early fall to resume postings at the blog and enjoying the blogs of my friends and family here at WordPress.

I hope you all have an enjoyable summer and are safe in all your travels.

–EmilyAnn Frances May, July 7, 2018


Cottage with roses and sparrows
Public domain
Courtesy The Graphics Fairy








Our Family Circle: Out and About with EmilyAnn Late Spring-Early Summer 2018

Greetings to all my family and friends here at WordPress and in real time.  The posting schedule has slowed down because of my pending relocation.  Yes, I am leaving Brooklyn!  I never thought I would move out of state.  It is necessary, though, to be closer to my job, to be onsite more often and reduce the time I spend commuting.  The office where I work is located in Pennington, New Jersey.  The current commute door-to-door one way is 2 to 2 1/2 hours on a good day.  When the New York City subway is having a bad day, so do I:  the one way trip can go to 3 hours.

In July I am moving to a beautiful one bedroom apartment in Linden, New Jersey.  It is a small apartment but very pretty all the same.  It is located 10 minutes from the station and Wood Avenue where I can shop for everything I need.  I have visited Linden several times since I first saw my new apartment and feel transported back to a small town in America way before gentrification and upscaling ever came into the public consciousness.  Not that these two developments are necessarily negative but they do drive rent up and working families out of traditionally residential and family focused communities.  I see this happening in Brooklyn and have my doubts about the proliferation of high end coffee bars, craft beer stores and bars dispensing hard liquor and attracting a more nocturnal crowd into the neighborhood.

I look forward to getting to know my new town as the summer progresses.  Once I have settled in and completely unpacked all my belongings postings here at the blog will be more regular.

Today, June 10, 2018, I attended the birthday celebration for the daughters of one of my co-workers.  One of the reasons why I have done so well at my job the past 9 years is due to the co-operative spirit amongst management and employees at the company.  We are like a family.   So it is with much enjoyment that I watch the younger employee’s children as they grow up.  Mani and Purani hosted a birthday party for their daughters Mridula (3 years old) and Amirtha (7 years old) at Tumbles in Princeton, New Jersey.  The kids engaged in fitness related activity followed by a pizza party.  The adults enjoyed a delicious buffet made up of food from an Indian restaurant and home-cooked dishes by Purani.

Here are some photos from my walks in Linden, New Jersey.  They are followed by photos of today’s birthday celebration.  If you have time, give me an update on your latest family related events in the comment section to this posting.

Linden, New Jersey-April 2018

linden 4818g

Linden Train Station.

linden 4818e

Wood Avenue.

linden 4818k

Many side streets have well-kept frame houses.

linden 4818m

More colorful frame houses.

Mridula and Amirtha’s Birthday Celebrations, Sunday, June 10th, 2018

mani purani mridula amirtha 6102018

Left to right:  Purani with Amirtha, Mani, Mridula (seated).

amirtha & mridula 1 bday 6102018

Amirtha and Mridula during one of the activities.

amirtja nday 4 6102018

Amirtha celebrated her 7th birthday today.

amirtha bday cake 6102018

Amirtha’s birthday cake.

mridula 1 bday 6102018

Mridula is three years old.

ridula bday cake 6102018-1

Mridula’s birthday cake.