Commenting Policy

It has become necessary for me to put a Commenting Policy in place.  Newcomers, please read this before commenting.

All comments are reviewed prior to approval.  Here are the guidelines for all commenters:

Comment Form:  You must provide your full name and email when submitting a comment for review.  Comments containing spam or suspicious information will be deleted.

Email Privacy:  Your email address remains private and will not be used at this blog or to contact you.

Commenter Privacy and Protection:  Do not put your personal information into a comment.  It will be deleted if you do.  NO phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Language and Manners:  This is a family history blog.  My relatives and online family of friends visit here.  Be respectiful and courteous.  No foul language.

Conversation:  Any comment that does NOT add to the general flow of the conversation will not be approved.  Comments must be focused on the subject of the posting.

Respect for others:  Comments that attack another person’s culture, beliefs, race, gender, orientation or religion will not be approved.

Self-promotion is not permitted:  This means you will not be permitted to use the comment section as a means to promote your own religion, politics, lifestyle, product or service.

Responding to comments:  Only comments that are approved will be responded to as part of the conversation.  The Administrator (me) will not respond privately via email regarding comments not approved.

There is no overflow page or place at this blog where you can comment on off-topic matters.  Comments should be on topic of the postings and conversational.  Should you have a need for debate and very deep analysis, I recommend seeking a discussion forum geared to your interests.

Repeated attempts to behave in a disruptive manner will result in removal from the subscription list to this blog.  And since each commenter’s IP is part of the response I receive your ISP will also be notified.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.