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We welcome contact from all relatives, direct line and extended family. Please let us know whenever correction is needed or you have updated information. Collaborations are also possible on a posting that will feature a brief overview of you and your family.

You must provide the following when contacting us by email:

*A valid email address to which we can reply.
*Your full name and short description as to how we are related.
*The reason why you are contacting us.

Since I handle all blog administration and secretarial duties for the family history project please leave a valid email address here in the comments section of this page.  All comments are reviewed before they are made public.  I will keep your email address private.

If you reply through the comments section you must leave a valid email address.  I will not conduct an exchange through the comments section nor will they be made public.  Anyone who does not leave a valid email address will have their comment saved privately should they change their mind and decide to contact me later.

–EmilyAnn Frances May
June 26, 2017



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