Contact Us

We welcome contact from all relatives, direct line and extended family in good standing with us and each other.

Please let us know whenever correction is needed or you have updated information. Collaborations are also possible on a posting that will feature a brief overview of you and your family.

You must provide the following when contacting us by email:

*A valid email address to which we can reply.
*Your full name and short description as to how we are related.
*The reason why you are contacting us.

Since I handle all blog administration and secretarial duties for the family history project please leave a valid email address here in the comments section of this page.  All comments are reviewed before they are made public.  I will keep your email address private.

If you reply through the comments section you must leave a valid email address.  I will not conduct an exchange through the comments section nor will they be made public.  Anyone who does not leave a valid email address will have their comment saved privately should they change their mind and decide to contact me later.

–EmilyAnn Frances May
June 26, 2017


5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Janice i am not related. I sometimes volunteer to flower memorials at find a grave. Since my job is so busy right now I have little rime for it. I cannot post your comment because your phone number is included. It is my policy not to disclose commenters phone numbers or personal email addresses.


    1. Also sent by gmail:
      Happy New Year, Joanne. Thank you for contacting me for clarification.

      I am not related to Anna. When FindAGrave was owned by Jim Tipton I joined a member’s group for remembering the departed. We left cyber flowers and brief prayers or an expression of peace at the memorials. I participated from 2013 through 2015. At that point my job got more involved so I could only conentrate on my immediate family’s memorials.

      Now that Ancestry owns FindAGrave I have not had much time to find out if the previous groups are still active. I am still a member but only focus on my immediate family due to time constraints.

      As a direct line descendant it is your right, according to the FindAGrave FAQs, to manage the memorial. If you so desire, please join and then follow the instructions in the FAQs to request management. Then you can visit when you want, upload photos, add a bio and so on.

      Hope this helps,



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