Pedigree Charts

The information about the family members who lived in Agropoli prior to immigration to the United States is based on the data collected and verified by genealogist Anthony Vermandois.  At his website Imagines Maiorum are charts of descent for the families of Agropoli and other nearby towns.  Anthony has devoted much time to researching and verifying the information found in original records in these towns.  Please visit his website for more details about his ongoing work.

The Serrapede and Muro family members featured in our family history are from Agropoli.  The Aiello family is from Calabria.  These charts are provided to show the correct lines of descent based on the work of Anthony Vermandois (Serrapede and Muro family lines) and Antonio Eugenio Aiello (Aiello family lines).  Additional research on the Aiello family is provided courtesy of Rosina Coltellaro, niece of Rosina Aiello Marasco Muro.  If you encounter any information while at other websites that varies, please direct your questions to us and we will be happy to explain the correct relationship.

The charts are a work in progress.  Updates are made when new information that can be verified is available.

Muro and Serrapede Family Ancestral Home Town – Agropoli


Map of Agropoli and surrounding towns from Italy Map Images-Printable Map Images.

Pedigree Charts for Gennaro Serrapede and his wife, Emilia Pappalardo







Pedigree Charts for Nicola Muro and his wife Letizia Scotti






Note:  The first baby named Raffaele Scotti died.  It was a custom to name the next child by the same name if it was the same gender as the one who passed away.



Pedigree Charts for Rosina Aiello Marasco Muro, wife of Nicola Muro