Regarding Use of Period Publications and Newsreel Footage

When researching the topics for our postings we use period publications and newsreels, in addition to present day sources. Should you reference such material through the Resources section in a posting you’ll be taken to source material that reflects the mindset of a particular time period.  In the past, the manner in which language was used to describe race, gender, ethnicity, religion and culture is offensive to us at this point in time.  While this is true, we will not reject using reference material written in such a manner.  To better understand any time period it is important to consider the events as reported when it happened.  Having it filtered through a modern sensibility by a modern writer only distances one from the experience.

By confronting the past as it actually was, we can better understand and look at previous times without a sense of nostalgia for “the good old days”. Opening oneself up to the past as reported or written by the people of that time period, gives us the opportunity to cultivate a better understanding of the social issues that were at work under the surface of our culture and which exploded into the tumultuous decade of change that was the 1960s.  These changes are still ongoing today.

The resources we use are publications available at such the Library of Congress, The Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Newstand, The New York Times, and other publications.  This source material is used for the immediacy it provides and for the many layers of consideration we hope it will elicit in the modern reader.

We do not support nor use language that demeans anyone’s lifestyle or heritage when creating these postings. What was written in the past is a reflection of the time, culture and person who wrote it.  Please keep this in mind when reviewing any of the period publications listed in the Resources section of a posting.

In regards to any discussion about the Catholic church or the presentation of material regarding the life of the parish in relation to our ancestors, the conversation is meant to bring into focus the role it played in the lives of the immigrant community. It also will add, we hope, to the history of the parish available online.  Comments that misconstrue the presentation and use it as a starting point for a rant denigrating anyone will not be approved for posting.