Robert and Claudia Muro: La Famiglia


Robert is the nephew of my late Grandma Josie. He is the son of Peter and Angie Muro.  In mid-2013 I connected with Robert’s wife Claudia through Ancestry.  She had done extensive research on the Muro family that helped me as I built up my own family tree.  As we exchanged emails about the family many of my happy memories of visiting Great Aunt Angie and Great Uncle Peter in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania returned.

Claudia’s research has traced part of her heritage back to England where she was able to connect to some of her present day cousins. I learned all this and so much more when Robert and Claudia took me out for a delightful dinner at Becco restaurant in May of 2014.

I asked Claudia to share something of her experience as a member of the Muro family. She has written this beautiful and memorable piece which follows.

–EmilyAnn Frances May

Claudia Muro: The meaning of “La Famiglia”

La Famiglia-Bob and Claudia Muro Page

Robert and Claudia Muro at Becco in New York City, May 10, 2014.

When I first met my husband, Robert, I had no idea what it was like to belong to an Italian family.  After spending weekends around the dining room table and holidays with seven courses of food and wine during our engagement, I decided that the marriage would involve these wonderful people who celebrated family.

When I met Pete and Angela Muro, they resided in Monroeville, PA. For all of their lives prior to the Tri-borough Avenue taking their home, they had lived in Wilmerding, PA as did their parents who emigrated from Agropoli, Italy.

I never met any of Robert’s grandparents, but I did hear much about Agropoli.

I’ll never forget the first time Robert’s brother, Nick, went to Italy. He came home with pictures to share of the piazza in Agropoli as well as the gate that led into town and scenes of the water and buildings, including the Carola Hotel.  I carefully studied the names on the monument in the piazza which was dedicated to the war dead.  It amazed me that most of the names were immediately recognizable because they were surnames of all the people in the town of Wilmerding! These families merely transported themselves from a small seaside town to a small industrial town in Pennsylvania where people worked for the Westinghouse Airbrake Company named after George Westinghouse.

I have learned much more about Agropoli over the years. The people who emigrated to America loved their small town, their families and their heritage.  It taught me much about La Famiglia!!!!!

—Claudia Lane Muro

July 19, 2016