22b-Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2015: Let the light shine!

Every year before Christmas, I make a pilgrimage of sorts to my childhood neighborhood of Dyker Heights.  There I see the extravagant, over-the-top display of Christmas lights and decorations that adorn the mini-mansions and homes in this neighborhood.  It is also a time that I feel a special message come to me as I walk the streets, absorb the mood, and reflect on the impressions I receive .  Each year the experience is completely different.


The first effect of seeing so many softly colored lights against the dark of night is a sense of euphoria.  The world is completely different and as I walk closer to the heart of Dyker Heights in the 80 Streets, there is a temporary lapse of all sense of past and future.  Every sense is focused on the present moment.


The ordinary becomes extraordinary.  Trees that light up the night suddenly seem a possibility.


Even the mini-mansions are transformed into castles where anyone can live like a prince or princess in a happily-ever-after land.

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