Our Family Circle: Sam & Kathie’s Silver Anniversary, August 15, 2018

To all family and friends:

How is everyone enjoying their summer vacation?

The move to Linden, New Jersey on July 18th went smoothly.  I am gradually becoming acquainted with my new town and loving it.  I still have much unpacking to do but will get back to it after the hot days of summer are over.

I should be back to visiting my WordPRess friend’s blogs by early September.  There will be some gaps because of the time lost due to the move but I will resume commenting and interacting once I get the drift of everyone’s postings.

On Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie celebrated their Silver Anniversary.  They first had a vacation in Paris before the Anniversary and then returned to the U.S. and celebrated again on the actual date with friends in Arizona.  This weekend they will complete their vacation and celebration with a visit to New Mexico where there is an Indian Market.

Uncle Sammy and I shared photos from the wedding in August 15, 1993.  For those members of the family who attended the photos should bring back some memories.  For those who see them for the first time we think you’ll see how much in love Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie are at the wedding and, I’m so grateful and happy to say, continue to be today.

–EmilyAnn Frances May
August 17, 2018

Wedding of Sam Serrapede and Kathie Lingle, August 15, 1993

Prints-45-1993-08-15-Sam&KathieWedding-005Michael Lingle walks his mother, Kathie, down the aisle.  The ceremony and reception were held outdoors near a lake in New Jersey.


From the original wedding program.


Candle lighting ceremony with Best Man Mohammad Ali, Sam and Kathie.


Exchanging vows.



First dance as newlyweds.  Kathie changed into different dress for the reception.


53b-Serrapede Family in America-Emily Leatrice’s Baptism, December 1931

Relationship Notes

Emily Serrapede is featured in this posting. She was the daughter of Sam and Josie (nee Muro) Serrapede, older sister of Gerald and Sammy, and EmilyAnn’s Mother.


In 1930 Sam and Josie were married at the Church of St. Rosalia. The church was built on 14th Avenue and 65th Street. When their daughter Emily Leatrice was born in 1931 they were living in the Bath Beach section of Brooklyn. Six months later she was baptized at St. Rosalia’s Church where the family moved before  Emily was Baptized. As young parents, Sam and Josie needed the help and companionship of their relatives and paesanos, most who lived in Dyker Heights. This was a good move. Their daughter grew up in the company of her cousins, many who became her best friends.

The Baptismal Certificate

53b-Mom Baptism Cert 5

Baptismal Certificate for Emily Serrapede.

Although her birth certificate had her official name as Emily, the Baptismal Certificate bears her name in Italian. Emilia Pappalardo Serrapede was her paternal Grandmother. This might have been a custom observed in the immigrant community. The official record has the English version of the name and the baptismal name is in Italian. Josie and Sam followed this practice with their son Jerry.

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46e-Mike and Katy Lingle Update: Welcome to the world, Jake!



  • Uncle Sammy, Aunt Kathie and I were delighted to receive the news on February 1, 2017 that Katy and Michael Lingle become the parents of  William Jake Lingle.


  • I attended Katy and Michael’s wedding last June in Baltimore. It was a memorable affair and I look forward to a memorable meeting with them again when they introduce me to Jake.


  • I wish the Lingle family good health, prosperity, harmony and happiness in all ways and for always.



–EmilyAnn Frances May

April 17, 2017



41e-Baby Lingle is coming February 2017!

There was a very happy development in the extended family that I learned about during Christmas break.

41e-Seasons Greetings Mike and Katy

About a week before Christmas I got this photo greeting by snail mail from Uncle Sammy, Aunt Kathie, her son Michael and daughter-in-law Katy.  I love getting holiday   The photo for this card is from Michael and Katy’s wedding I attended in Baltimore in June 2016.

41e-Baby Announcement Katy & Mike

A few days later I got another photo greeting card from Michael and Katy.  The Lingle family is growing.  This holiday card from Michael, Katy and Baby Lingle was delightful to receive.  What a good time to share the news, at Christmas!  Baby is due some time in February 2017.

We’re very happy for Michael and Katy and look forward to Baby’s arrival.


37-The Towns of Turtle Creek Valley: Pitcairn


Uncle Sammy and I decided to include brief entries whenever possible about the towns near Wilmerding. During our visits to Pennsylvania we sometimes went to visit these towns because relatives lived there. The towns were very close and at times it seemed like one flowed into another. This was because of the closeness the relatives maintained and the frequency of their visits.

The towns of Turtle Creek Valley: Pitcairn


Pitcairn Street Scene, circa 1910.
Public Domain. Image courtesy of Monroeville Historical Society.


 Map of Pitcairn, circa 1901

Pitcairn started as a village where a railyard was constructed near Turtle Creek.   It was incorporated as a village in 1894. The town had a major switching yard for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Population peaked between 1910 through 1940. After this time there was a decline in the ability of the railroad yards and shops to provide employment.

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