Links to postings with photos of 1976 trip to Agropoli

One of our blog subscribers, Amy, asked about photos of the Carola Hotel which was featured in a family story in the previous posting.  I’m sorry to say that during my move into my current apartment things got lost including those photos.  The rest of the photos from the trip to Agropoli were included with the very earliest postings to this blog.  My Uncle and I decided to use them as a starting point for presenting different members of our family past and present.

I have compiled a list of all the postings that contain the photos.  It is not necessary to read through each posting since each photo has a caption that tells you where the photos were taken and who is featured in the photo.

I know this is a lot of clicking and scrolling but if you have the time you can take an armchair journey back to the Agropoli of 1976 when convenient to you and at your own pace.

3-The Byzantine Gate 1976

4-Agropoli Through the Centuries

5-The Serrapede Family in Agropoli:  Luigi and Angela Maria

6-Serrapede Family in Agropoli:  Sabato and Filomena

7a-The Serrapede Family in Agropoli:  Gennaro and Rosa

30b-Muro Family in Agropoli-The house where Josie was born

31a-Bella Italia in 1976:  Paestum

31b-Bella Italia in 1976:  Amalfi

31c-Bella Italia in 1976:  Positano

31d-Bella Italia in 1976:  Gaeta

31e-Our last week in Italy, July 1976:  Back to Rome



36a-Summer Break: Uncle Sammy & Aunt Kathie’s Vacation in Italy

We’re going on Summer Break for the month of August.  The continued heat and humidity do not encourage reading and discussion of family history.  Instead it is a time to live through each day as leisurely as possible.  It’s also a time to dream away the hot days.  An afternoon nap after a swim or cool shower is a good way to pass the hottest hours in the afternoon.

During this Summer Break we’ll post photos of travels, day trips or staycation activities.  There may also be photos from our family album along with some pleasant memories to share.  The content of our postings will be more visual and not require much on the part of our readers.  We hope they will provide a few minutes of escape from the heat and a prompt to remember pleasant vacation  and summertime memories from your own family life and travels.

Uncle Sammy and Aunt Kathie are currently on a tour of Italy.  Here are some of the photos of the places visited in the last 10 days.



The nave of St. Peter’s Basilica.


The Vatican Museum.

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