Advice: Research and Analyze. Avoid Copying.

Update to my Ancestry Profile & Some Pointers for Newbies

My trees are going through a thorough evaluation to remove errors caused by copying from other trees. Chances are if you copied any data from my previous trees you will have also copied the errors resulting from my failure to properly analyze relationships and assess the big picture of how the person and data fits into the family history. Consider this a lesson for your own project: genealogy is a serious study and pursuit. A convincing tree cannot be cobbled together in a few weeks. Without proper documentation you cannot network with other serious family historians.

Only a shell of a tree for the Rosenbaum-Flashenberg-Torregrossa-Kennedy family is public. This may be used for quick look-ups by anyone seeking info from my documentation. The documents are part of each profile on my private tree. I welcome the opportunity to work with descendants within the branch of the Rosenbaum family of my line. I’d prefer those who already have a well established knowledge of the family history in America and Galicia. The Rosenbaum family is all original research on my part.

On all my trees children are entered under their biological parents. This preserves the accuracy of who is part of which bloodline.

I have researched and interviewed descendants for the Muro, Serrapede, Kennedy and Torregrossa families. I will answer inquiries provided you state your relation to the family.

If you want to collaborate with me, please know I do so in face-to-face meetings where copies of documents and photos can be exchanged, as well as time given to thoughtful discussion and analysis.

In order for me to assist you I want to know who I am communicating with. This means you must have a family tree, a full name, location and a clear purpose you can communicate by Ancestry’s email system.

If there is a relationship you think we share, please provide full names of the common ancestor and relevant dates. Thank you.