Our Family Circle: Michael Muro

Just a quick update for all the Muro family and friends.  Michael Muro is convalescing after a quadruple bypass this past Friday, July 27th.  The operation was a success and Michael is gradually getting up and around with help from the nurses and staff.  If all goes well he will be released and sent home this coming Saturday, August 4th.

Michael’s maternal cousin, Peter Di Fiore, will stay with Michael during his recovery at home.  It may be a little time before Michael is up to taking phone calls and following up on texts but your thoughts and support mean so much. So go ahead and send him an encouraging message whenever possible.



Our Family Circle: EmilyAnn’s Summer Break



To all family and friends at WordPress and in real-time:

At long last, after a brutally cold winter and rainy spring the glorious warm and bright days of summer are with us.  On some mornings we awaken to the fragrances coming in from the gardens nearby:  fresh earth and flowers greet us on our walks.  Bird calls begin earlier and the time before sunrise is magical in the restorative qualities it can bring.  Likewise when enjoying  a stroll or time alone during twilight before the stars come out.

I plan to take the summer off to find time for these simple pleasures and activities.  Since January 2018 I have prepared for my; relocation to New Jersey.  Because we are very busy at the office, I spaced out the downsizing of my possessions so that only what has meaning and value to me remains.  I then needed time to carefully pack my belongings.  What I kept is what my late Mom left to me like her porcelain dolls and Limoges miniatures.  Believe it or not, packing each little treasure with care helped me focus on many happy memories as well as getting the job done right.

The move comes on July 18th at a time when we are even more busy at work.  As much as I would like to consistently read the entries of my dear WordPress friends like Amy, Laleh, Anita, Norma, Hila, Naomi and many more I cannot do so with the thoughtful review and comment each posting deserves.  Sometimes as I think of my new apartment I am overwhelmed by things like hanging drapes or learning how to cook on an electric range instead of a gas range.  But these things will pass as the new norm of life in the charming town where I will live sets in.

I’ll be back in late summer-early fall to resume postings at the blog and enjoying the blogs of my friends and family here at WordPress.

I hope you all have an enjoyable summer and are safe in all your travels.

–EmilyAnn Frances May, July 7, 2018


Cottage with roses and sparrows
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