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Welcome to all new followers of “Through the Byzantine Gate”. Since June we have 12 new followers from different countries. They are a very talented group ranging from homeschoolers, writers, students, photographers and cooks.

It has long been our desire to get our family story out to a bigger audience. I thank you all for joining us and hope you find the time spent here the same as time spent with close friends and family.

I also have a new blog dedicated to the memory of my maternal grandmother, Josie Muro Serrapede. She taught me how to sew from when I was 6 years old. We will share those stories here. My new blog shares current works in progress and will include style and garment construction details. If you share an interest in draping, sewing, patternmaking and styling please consider paying a visit or subscribing.

–EmilyAnn Frances May


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Our Family Circle: Giuseppe Carnicelli

Congratulations to Giuseppe Carnicelli who graduated from Polytechnic of Turin on July 28, 2020. Giuseppe majored in Electronic Engineering. His goal is to apply his learning to new technologies that will provide smarter solutions to the challenges business faces today. Giuseppe is working in the U.K. right now. He looks forward to visiting his American relatives, especially Michael Muro, after the pandemic is over.

Here are the family connections courtesy of Michael Muro….Giuseppe Carnicelli is related to Michael Muro and I through Nick Muro from Agropoli. Nick was Michael’s Grandfather and my Great Grandfather. Nick was first cousin to Giuseppe’s Second Great Grandmother.

Giuseppe’s Second Great Grandmother was Aunt to Michael Muro’s late Mom, Frances Di Fiore Muro.


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74-The Serrapede Family in Brooklyn-Life during WWII, Part 5b

Our Family Photo Album

In posting 74-The Serrapede Family in Brooklyn-Life during WWII, Part 5a we shared Emily Leatrice Serrapede’s memories of her years as a pre-teen during WWII.  The period covered by these memories is roughly from 1941 through 1943.  After researching different aspects of Emily’s pre-teen years we learned about some of the popular trends and fads of those years such as Bobby Soxer fashions, the developing market for ‘tween and early teen fashions, popular music and word games.

The following photos from the large collection left to us by Josie, Emily’s Mom, illustrate some of the aspects of early teen life described in our previous posting.  They also provide a closer look at the neighborhood, classmates and friends who were part of Emily’s life.

Relationship Notes

Emily Leatrice Serrapede was born in 1931.  She was the oldest child of Sam and Josie (nee Muro) Serrapede.  Her baby brother was called Junior until he reached his late 20s.  After that he was know as Sammy.

Emily Leatrice was:

–Sammy’s older sister

–EmilyAnn’s Mom

Our photo album:  Emily Leatrice’s pre-teen and early teen years

Emily Leatrice Serrapede circa 1936-1937.

Photo #1 circa 1936-1937:  Josie made dresses, blouses and skirts for Emily as she grew up.  Mother and daughter enjoyed looking through the fashion sections of the newspapers and the glossy ads in the many magazines Josie enjoyed reading.  In this photo Emily has fun posing like a model about to walk down the runway.  The long strand of pearls Emily is wearing may have belonged to Josie since she believed that of all the jewelry a woman could own, pearls were the most versatile and always in good taste.

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