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When this blog was in the planning stages we considered the best means with which to make the material accessible and immediate.  Our readers would be coming from other countries and cultures.  They would be from varying economic and cultural backgrounds.  How we could reach them and make their time worthwhile was a major consideration in our approach.

We decided to eschew the traditional family history approach of relating every single detail about every single family member since that kind of endeavor is beyond our means both in terms of time and scope.  Hence you will not find here the deeper analysis that is typical of more traditional family history blogs where official documents and other research material is analyzed and pieced together into the narrative of the family life.

Our telling incorporates the results of our research but in a different structure.  This is a journey of discovery for us as well as a memoir of those whom we remember and love.  Through the supplemental readings and discussions it has become a vehicle of consciousness raising.  We find that we are more sensitized to the issues our ancestors had to deal with and the decisions they had to make.  It also has opened our hearts and minds to similar issues in the spotlight today.

This is the way Josie and Sam encouraged their children and grandchildren to pursue knowledge.  Their home always had books, magazines, newspapers and interesting discussions about current events, neighborhood happenings, family developments.  When these topics weren’t under consideration we’d share our thoughts and seek advice.  We could ask questions to our aunts, uncles and cousins.  We were encouraged to grow our own outlook accordingly.

We hope you will consider the the time spent at this blog informative and conducive to further thought on the topics, people and the times they lived in.  Our goal is to offer what we have learned and take it beyond  the focus of just our family.  Perhaps this will encourage you to consider your own family history and the lessons for deeper personal growth it will offer you.

–Sammy (Sabbatino) Serrapede and EmilyAnn Frances May
May 24, 2015

5 thoughts on “Our Approach

  1. Hi to both EmilyAnn and Antoinette. My mother was a Botti and her grandmother Comunale. She was born in Wilmerding and visited Agropoli many times. I am returning myself next year and was checking out the Hotel Carola where I’ve stayed before. That led me to your blog. Of course my relatives worked at WAB too and I know there are Serrapedes in my family tree. I will enjoy exploring your blog. I haven’t been to Wilmerding in many years but some family members are still there. Glad to find you—Kathy Linstrum

    1. Greetings, Kathleen and welcome to the family. Wilmerding has changed so much according to the relatives and descendants of paesani I speak with. It’s gone into a decline. The Hotel Carola closed down many years ago. I am glad that all this information is coming together as it will provide a look into a life and culture passing into history. Please get in touch with me at my yahoomail address for the blog. We can continue our conversation there in the future. Right now I’m settling into a new apartment. I should be back to blogging activities in the fall. Thanks for stopping by.
      emilyannfrancesmay at yahoo dot com

    2. Kathleen, If you have Ancestry membership, please send me your User Name. I’ll invite you to my family tree. I’d enjoy exploring any possible connections we have through family or paesani. Contact me, too, if you’d like to do a guest post.


    1. Greetings, Antoinette! We are connected! My Great Grandfather, Nick Muro, worked at WAB Co. when he first came to the U.S. By his second wife Rose he had a daughter named Sylvia. Sylvia married Sam Manzo. Sam’s parents were Peter and Mary (nee Botti) Manzo. When I have time I will see if your Grandmother is in my Family Tree. I have seen the charts of descent for Cosimo Serrapede at Imagines Maiorum (www.imaginesmaiorum.net) Please stay in touch there will be much more about Wilmerding in the months ahead. My Uncle and I are 6 months ahead in our research and writing. By year’s end the Wilmerding postings will start. I’m so glad we connected.

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