Our Family Circle: EmilyAnn visits The ARTHouse

On the way home from a doctor’s appointment this morning I stopped by the ARTHouse, Linden’s new space for the arts.  Performances and exhibits will be offered.  There will also be Market Dates where artisanal products are offered by artists from Linden and other parts of New Jersey.

Painting displayed at THEArtHouse.

It was so uplifting to take in the positivity at work in the space while I went through.  There were modern art paintings along with the merchandise being sold. 

One table I stopped by offered skincare products made with all natural ingredients.  One of them is called Baggage Check by Oh My Balm! The label describes it as a “depuff and dark circle potion”.  This is something I definitely need.  It contains caffeine and green tea which are effective in repairing the delicate skin under the eyes.  You can learn more about the product at their website, http://www.ohmybalm.com

Gigi of Gigi’s Cupcakes.

I decided to celebrate my return to good health with a little treat.  I bought two little cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes.  I’ve just finished having them with my cup of Twining’s Irish Tea.  What I loved about them is that they are sweet but not of the hurt-your-teeth-kind of sweetness.  Gigi’s is located in Maplewood, NJ.  The website is gigiscupcakes.com

I have not received any kind of remuneration for the products I mentioned here.  I want to support local businesses in my new city and the state.  Good feelings are catching.  I hope to transmit that to my family and friends so they seek out local artisan markets and learn about all the good products, entrepreneurs and events right where they live.

THE ARTHouse is located at 422 N. Wood Avenue, Linden, NJ  07036.  The next Market Date is March 30, 2019.

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Admin Notice: Changes to Posting and Following Schedules

Thanks go to all who wished me a speedy recovery.  I’m better than I was at the start of the week.  I plan to take time for health care maintenance that was neglected in the lead-up to moving from Brooklyn to Linden.

There is periodontal and dental work needed–I want to keep my own teeth as long as possible!  Also up ahead is some out-patient surgery to remove a cyst.  None of these are serious but all must be taken care of over the course of the Spring and Summer.

I am also staring two new projects at work.  I will not have enough time each day to devote to the blogs I follow or the administration of this blog.  In discussion with my Uncle we are giving priority to our research and drafting of future postings.  I also am budgeting my time so that activities, friendships and relationships that are not related to the family history project do not get neglected.

What this means is that posting here will be once or twice a month.  When I post I will apportion some time to read up on those blogs I follow.  I will comment when I have something to contribute.  I will not, however, be able to follow every posting that has been published between times I have not been at WordPress.  The important thing for me is to stay connected in the best way possible.  While this is not ideal it is better than letting my own blog go to sleep and all the people I interact with become distant.

I will be back in about two weeks at which time our series on the Carola family will continue.

Taking a Break

Good morning to all! 

I am taking a break from all WordPress blogging and following activities.  I need time to get back on track after coming down with a viral infection.  During this time I will not be following any of the blogs I’ve subscribed to.  Posting here will resume after I am better.

Any commenting will be held in the queue until I am back.  You can reach me by email or text but please keep the communication brief.

Thank you. 

EmilyAnn Frances May

59a-Carola family of Agropoli-Hoteliers, Coachmen and Shopkeepers, Part 2


This posting is a continuation of 59a-Carola family of Agropoli-Hoteliers, Coachmen and Shopkeepers, Part 1.  We turn our attention now to the professions of the family heads in Angie’s maternal line.  Also considered are possible connections between Angie’s Carola line and Uncle Sammy’s Serrapede line.

Aunt Angie’s Maternal line—Possible relationships to our Serrapede and Muro lines

59a-Angie's maternal line
Angie’s maternal line-di Luccio family.

Aunt Angie’s mother, Rosa di Luccio was born on December 5, 1875. She was the daughter of Salvatore di Luccio and Filomena D’Agosto. Salvatore’s professions included agricultural work and driving a coach. It’s interesting to consider that Rosa’s father-in-law was also a coach driver. Their work may have created a close relationship between the families so that when Gaetano was ready to marry his parents introduced him to Rosa as a good match.

Aunt Angie’s maternal lineage is composed of relationships that might intersect Uncle Sammy’s by ties of blood and/or marriage through her maternal Great Grandmother Maddalena Montone (1820-1900)

Uncle Sammy’s Third Great Grandmother was also named Maddalena Montone. She lived in the latter part of the 18th century and was the wife of Giuseppe di Giaimo. The Montone bloodline enters Sammy’s pedigree through his mother, Josie Muro Serrapede. Although Anthony has done some new research on the Montone family in Agropoli there isn’t any information available about our Maddalena Montone at this time.

59a-Uncle Sammy Serrapede chart
Sammy’s paternal line-Serrapede family.

Another possible relationship by blood or extended family connections created by marriage may come through Aunt Angie’s Great Grandmother Rosa Serrapede. There is no record of her outside of the marriage to Filippo di Luccio. If there exists a relationship it enters Sammy through his father Sam Serrapede’s line.

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Valentine’s Day 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day to All

May you enjoy the loving companionship of family and friends every day of the year.

Make the time to celebrate in small and special ways.

Let all you care about know you love them every day.

–EmilyAnn Frances May
  February 14, 2019


Victorian Valentine – Public Domain
Courtesy The Graphics Fairy

59a-Carola family of Agropoli-Hoteliers, Coachmen and Shopkeepers, Part 1


What started out as a simple addition of some family members to the family tree of Mary Angela (Angie) Carola’s branch turned up some possible connections between her maternal line and Uncle Sammy’s maternal line. We also gained some insights into the business activities of the Carola family. Since most of our direct line and branch families made their living in agriculture or from the sea we spent time discussing some of the possibilities that offered the Carola family the opportunity to open their own hotel in Agropoli during the late 19th-early 20th century.

We acknowledge use of the research of Anthony Vermandois of ImaginesMaiorum in the preparation of this posting. Please see Resources section for links to the charts of descent for the Carola and branch families mentioned in this posting.

Relationship Notes

Mary Angela Carola lived on the same block in Wilmerding as Peter Muro did. The Muro and Carola families were from Agropoli in Campania Province, Italy. Mary Angela and Peter married in 1937. Everyone called Mary Angela “Angie”.

Peter Muro was the younger brother of Josie Muro Serrapede. Josie was the wife of Sam (Sabato) Serrapede and mother of Sammy, Gerald and Emily.

Angie and Peter were Sammy’s maternal Aunt and Uncle.

They were EmilyAnn’s Great Aunt Angie and Great Uncle Peter but because these terms were never used I called them my Aunt and Uncle, too. So you will find this manner of addressing them used in the posting and the discussion.

Tracing back the earliest mentions of the hotel

The only way to trace the evolution of the family’s entry to the hotel business was to examine what the occupations of the men were in Angie’s family line from the earliest ancestors Anthony Vermandois has researched. As we entered each family member into her pedigree chart we used online dictionary Reverso (see Resources section) to find the English equivalents of the Italian words used for the occupations. At first nothing seemed to come together until we completed entering Angie’s parents to her chart. There were certain occupations that struck us because of their relationships to each other. We will put those particular ones into bold font. The children in each generation who are part of Angie’s direct paternal line appear in italics. Let us know if you begin to make the associations we did as we progress through Angie’s family line.

59a-Angie's paternal line
Angie’s Paternal Line.

Aunt Angie’s Paternal 2nd Great Grandparents

Ignazio Carola and Anna Pirro. No other information is available except that Anna was from the town of Prignano Cilento.

Aunt Angie’s Paternal Great Grandparents

Ignazio and Anna’s son Gennaro Carola was born in 1801. He married Gabriella di Lembo, born in 1798 to Pasquale di Lembo and Rosa Cincio in Prignano Cilento.

Gennaro worked as a blacksmith (fabbro ferraio). With Gabriella he had four children for whom Anthony found birth dates:

Rosa born circa 1827
Nicola born circa 1830
Alfonso born circa 1835
Raffaele born circa 1844
Gennaro died in Agropoli on January 28, 1866.

Angie’s Paternal Grandparents

Gennaro and Gabriella’s son Raffaele married Cristina Vitagliano di Giuseppe. They were the parents of:

Nicola b. April 20, 1868
Gabriela b. 1866
Gaetano b. February 15, 1870
Mariangela b. 1872
Alfonso b. 1874
Rosa b. 1877

According to Anthony’s research Raffaele worked as a coach driver or a coachman (vetturino). Raffaele passed away in Agropoli on January 5 1879.

Angie’s Father

Raffaele and Cristina’s son Gaetano was born on February 15, 1870. He married Rosa di Luccio in Agropoli on January 18, 1896. Before they immigrated to America Raffaele and Cristina became parents of:

Raffaele 1897-1916
Nicola b. 1900

While he lived in Agropoli Gaetano worked as a fisherman (marinaro). He was also a landlord or landowner (possidente).

Raffaele and Cristina had more children after immigrating to the U.S. They were:

Christina 1910-2003
Antoinette b. 1911
Mary Angela October 12, 1913-October 24, 1978
James 1915-1998
Ralph b. 1918
George 1920-1967

Things are looking very interesting when you consider the possibilities:

  • Angie’s Great Grandfather Gennaro was a blacksmith. His customers would include people with horses that they rode or used to pull carriages or coaches.
  • Angie’s Grandfather Raffael was a coachman or a coach driver. It’s possible that he got this position through one of Gennaro’s clients. Raffael may have been exposed to working with and handling horses from an early age and so came recommended for a position as a coach driver.
  • Gaetano, Angie’s father, did not work with horses or carriages but is mentioned as being a landowner or landlord while the family still lived in Agropoli. So where did the connection to the hotel come in and how do these pieces come together? It became necessary to look at the professions of Gaetano’s brothers and we found what we believe completes the answer to our question as to possible ways in which the family got into the hotel business.

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58b-Marriage License Applications Past and Present


The 1937 marriage license application presented in posting 58a-Muro Family in Wilmerding-Peter and Angie get married 1937 (Part 1) contained questions and language we are not used to seeing today. Uncle Sammy noticed that the language is unacceptable by modern standards. He asked me to do some research on the language used in modern day marriage license applications to see how things have changed.

We wanted to compare a modern day marriage license application from Pennsylvania to the one from 1937. Allegheny County has, like many other counties in Pennsylvania, created an on-line application process that replaces the need for applicants to download an application form and bring it to the clerk’s office for processing. Identification and other documentation is presented when the applicants go in person to pick-up the license. The language used at the online sites is neutral. There are none of what we consider the pejorative terms that were common language in 1937. We were able to find a downloadable application for a marriage license at the office of the Clerk of the Orphan’s Court for Centre County in Pennsylvania. We will use this application to compare the questions asked in one county of Pennsylvania today with those in asked 1937.

During the search for downloadable marriage license applications we learned how much the process varies across the United States. In Pennsylvania it is done at the county level and each county has its own application form and process (paper or online). Other states like Hawaii, New Jersey and Wisconsin have just one form available online for the entire state.

This posting consists of screen shots of the 1937 application and several modern applications from states and counties across the country. We’ve listed the information that is different from that requested on the 1937 application as well as terms or questions not used in 1937. This is followed by a brief section on blood tests in previous decades. Our discussion sums up what we’ve learned about how a simple comparison of marriage license language shows how different the concerns and attitudes of society in 1937 were from the ones we have today.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in 1937 Marriage License Application: Questions to be answered by the male

58b-1937 Marriage License-Male
1937 Marriage License in Pennsylvania.  Questions for male applicant.

Statement of Male

  • Is applicant afflicted with any transmissible disease?
  • Is applicant an imbecile, epileptic, of unsound mind or under guardianship as a person of unsound mind, or under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug?
  • Has applicant, within five years, been an inmate of any county asylum or home for indigent persons?
  • Is applicant physically able to support a family?

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in 1937 Marriage License Application: Questions to be answered by the female

58b-1937 Marriage License-Female.jpg
1937 Pennsylvania Marriage License application.  Questions for the female applicant.

Statement of the Female

  • Is applicant afflicted with any transmissible disease?
  • Is applicant an imbecile, epileptic, of unsound mind, or under guardianship as a person of unsound mind, or under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug?

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