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Antoinette Frances Serrapere

Antoinette Frances Serrapere was born and grew up in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania. She currently lives with her daughter Jamie in North Versailles.

Antoinette is known as Toni Warren by the customers of the salon where she is employed as a hairstylist. Her grandfather Cosimo Serrapede was born in Agropoli and immigrated to the United States in the early 20th century. After settling here his surname changed to Serrapere.

As she explores her family history, Antoinette wonders why the surname was changed. There are other variations of the Serrapede surname in America. Some are: Sarrapere, Sarrepere and Sarrepede. Anyone who has more information on how these variations occurred are encouraged to provide their responses in the comment section of this page.

We hope you will enjoy the contributions Antoinette makes to the blog. We love the personal touch they add and how they bring us up-to-date in our own knowledge of developments in Wilmerding.

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There will be updates from Antoinette coming soon…

–EmilyAnn Frances May & Sabattino (Sam) Serrapede