Our Family Circle: Mystery Bride & Groom identified

theresa and nunzioTeresa and Nunzio Granese on their wedding day in 1933.

Last week I posted about a wedding photo which Uncle Sammy and I were unable to locate any info on.  This photo has been waiting for identification for over 5 years.  Last week I posted about the “Mystery Bride & Groom” asking relatives to help with identifying the couple.

For reasons I cannot explain I took out my Grandma Josie and Grandpa Sam’s wedding photo and put it next to that of the Mystery Bride and Groom.  It was a hunch but I thought the couple resembled slightly older versions of the Maid of Honor and one of the Groomsmen in the bridal party.  I sent Uncle Sammy both photos and awaited his response.

Having both photos side by side finally solved the mystery.  Uncle Sammy agreed that the bride was our cousin Theresa Errico.  With the mystery solved it took no time to identify the groom.  He is Nunzio “Charles” Granese.  Information about Nunzio was obtained starting with the Marriage Index we’ve had for Theresa.  Then we searched other family trees from the Granese line at Ancestry.  Several had enough supporting documentation that included Theresa as the spouse and the same Marriage Index and Census records we had retrieved..

Nunzio was a Second Generation Italian-American like Theresa.  He was born on August 6, 1908 in New York City.  His parents were Antonio Granese (1871-1910) and the former Adeline De Biasi (b. 1881).  Nunzio completed 8th grade.

Theresa Errico was born on January 28th, 1914 in New York City to Vincenzo and Elisa (nee Scotti) Errico.  She lived with her parents at 1166 65th Street in Brooklyn as of the 1930 Federal Census.  At this time she was employed as a stenographer for a radio manufacturer.

Theresa and Nunzio were married on May 6th, 1933.  In 1940 they were living at 1166 65th Street with their two children, Anthony and Elisa.  Nunzio’s profession was given as “Shipper-Cutter”.  We think he may have been employed as a garment cutter/shipping hand for a garment manufacturer.

Theresa predeceased Nunzio in 1984.  Nunzio still resided in Staten Island after her death until his passing in 1990.



May 6, 1933 NYC Marriage Index
for Teresa (spelling differs) Errico and Nunzio Granese

1930 Federal Census

1940 Federal Census

Our Family Circle: The Mystery Wedding Photo

Mystery Wedding late 1920s-early 1930s

The Mystery Wedding Photo.  Was this happy couple from New York City or Wilmerding, Pennsylvania?

We all enjoy mystery stories.  Even more so we enjoy how  the unfolding of the story provides hints  that help answer some or all the questions so that a degree of closure is reached.  Right now Uncle Sammy and I are turning to our extended network of family and descendants of the paesani of Josie and Sam for help in solving a mystery.

One of the photos Josie left is that of a very happy young couple posing for a studio portrait on their wedding day.  Based on the style of the wedding gown and the studio background we estimate the time period to be the late 1920s-early 1930s.  What makes this picture even more of a mystery is that Josie did not leave any notes on the back or on an enclosed piece of paper.  The large cardboard frame the photo is in does not have any imprint from the studio. Continue reading “Our Family Circle: The Mystery Wedding Photo”

Father’s Day 2018

Father's Day 2018 image

Father’s Day Prayer of Remembering

Fatherly love brings wealth to living

Remembering this we go forth in giving

Fathers young, fathers old

We remember you all

As life unfolds.

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~

In honor of the patriarchs of our family lines this Father’s Day, 2018.

Serrapede Family
Luigi Serrapede (b. 1815)
Sabato Serrapede (1814-1893) 
Gennaro Serrapede (b. 1867)
Sabato Serrapede, Sr. (1900-2002)
Vincenzo Ruocco (b. 1810)
Antonio Pappalardo (b. 1820)
Nicola Pappalardo (b. 1816)
Alessandro Patella (b. 1800)
Pietro Marino

Muro Family
Nunziante di Muro (b. 1825)
Pietro di Muro (b.c. 1842-1883)
Nicola “Nick” Muro (1882-1966)
Raymond “Raimie” Muro (1925-2007)
Americo Marcele “Igo” Muro (1924-2012)
Albino Muro (1925-2002)
Peter James Muro (1913-1992)
Louis Muro (1914-1999)
Francesco Scotti (1807-1887)
Carmine Scotti (b.c. 1846)
Fabio Di Giaimo
Fabio Di Giaimo (Jr.)
Giambattista Di Giaimo (b. 1576)
Domenica A. Di Giaimo (b. 1602)
Costabile Di Giaimo (b. abt. 1715)
Pietro Maurano
Antonio N. D. Di Giaimo (b. 1738)
Giuseppe di Giaimo (b. 1770)
Francesco di Giaimo (1806-1866)

Aiello Family
Angelo Aiello
Vincenzo Aiello (1829-1912)
Angelo Aiello (1864-1936)
Eugenio Pujia

Marasco Family
Riciotti Marasco (1894-1917)
John Marasco (1916-1987)


With love,

Sam Serrapede, Jr.
EmilyAnn Frances May
Sunday, June 17, 2018


Note:  We have included the fathers of the women who married into our patriarchal bloodlines.


“Father’s Day Prayer of Remembering”

Vintage Image



Our Family Circle: Calabria, Mid-May to Early June, 2018


Family Reunion in Calabria

Michael Muro enjoyed another vacation and family reunion in Italy last month.  He travelled to Agropoli  first and then to Calabria to meet-up with Antonio and Aldisa Aiello.  Travelling to Calabria with Michael was Peter Muro, son of the late Peter and Angie (nee Carola) Muro.  Peter’s wife remained in Agropoli visiting with Anna Communale and other relatives.

In Calabria, Peter and Michael enjoyed lunch with Antonio and Aldisa at “Il Pirata” (The Pirate) restaurant.  Michael said that the restaurant faced a beautiful beach which made the event even more memorable.  The restaurant made a delicious seafood salad that included calamari and mussels.  Antonio, Aldisa and Peter enjoyed Frutta di Mare Sphaghetti.  Michael went with having rice instead of any kind of pasta.

Antonio’s sister Rosina and her son Alessio will meet-up with Michael on his next trip to Calabria.  In just a little over a year, thanks to the family history project and this blog, Michael has connected to Antonio Aiello, the nephew of his beloved paternal Grandmother, the late Rosina Aiello Marasco Muro.  Michael has also met Antonio’s children and is in touch with them, too.  What was also good was that Peter Muro got to meet Antonio during this trip.

To read about how we all came together in such an unplanned and amazing way please see our previous postings listed after Michael’s photos from his visit to Calabria.

Photos from Michael and Peter’s day in Calabria

Peter Muro w Aldisa and Antonio Aiello Calabria May 2018

Left to right:  Peter Muro, Alidisa Aiello, Antonio Aiello.

Michael Muro Calabria May 2018 B

At Il Pirata, left to right around the table:  Michael Muro, Aldisa Aiello, Antonio Aiello.

Calabria May 2018-Michael Muro-Near Restaurant

View of the beach from Il Pirata restaurant.

Previous Postings about the Aiello Family

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Summer 2017: Michael Muro’s Trip to Italy, Part 3-A visit to the Aiello Family




Our Family Circle: Out and About with EmilyAnn Late Spring-Early Summer 2018

Greetings to all my family and friends here at WordPress and in real time.  The posting schedule has slowed down because of my pending relocation.  Yes, I am leaving Brooklyn!  I never thought I would move out of state.  It is necessary, though, to be closer to my job, to be onsite more often and reduce the time I spend commuting.  The office where I work is located in Pennington, New Jersey.  The current commute door-to-door one way is 2 to 2 1/2 hours on a good day.  When the New York City subway is having a bad day, so do I:  the one way trip can go to 3 hours.

In July I am moving to a beautiful one bedroom apartment in Linden, New Jersey.  It is a small apartment but very pretty all the same.  It is located 10 minutes from the station and Wood Avenue where I can shop for everything I need.  I have visited Linden several times since I first saw my new apartment and feel transported back to a small town in America way before gentrification and upscaling ever came into the public consciousness.  Not that these two developments are necessarily negative but they do drive rent up and working families out of traditionally residential and family focused communities.  I see this happening in Brooklyn and have my doubts about the proliferation of high end coffee bars, craft beer stores and bars dispensing hard liquor and attracting a more nocturnal crowd into the neighborhood.

I look forward to getting to know my new town as the summer progresses.  Once I have settled in and completely unpacked all my belongings postings here at the blog will be more regular.

Today, June 10, 2018, I attended the birthday celebration for the daughters of one of my co-workers.  One of the reasons why I have done so well at my job the past 9 years is due to the co-operative spirit amongst management and employees at the company.  We are like a family.   So it is with much enjoyment that I watch the younger employee’s children as they grow up.  Mani and Purani hosted a birthday party for their daughters Mridula (3 years old) and Amirtha (7 years old) at Tumbles in Princeton, New Jersey.  The kids engaged in fitness related activity followed by a pizza party.  The adults enjoyed a delicious buffet made up of food from an Indian restaurant and home-cooked dishes by Purani.

Here are some photos from my walks in Linden, New Jersey.  They are followed by photos of today’s birthday celebration.  If you have time, give me an update on your latest family related events in the comment section to this posting.

Linden, New Jersey-April 2018

linden 4818g

Linden Train Station.

linden 4818e

Wood Avenue.

linden 4818k

Many side streets have well-kept frame houses.

linden 4818m

More colorful frame houses.

Mridula and Amirtha’s Birthday Celebrations, Sunday, June 10th, 2018

mani purani mridula amirtha 6102018

Left to right:  Purani with Amirtha, Mani, Mridula (seated).

amirtha & mridula 1 bday 6102018

Amirtha and Mridula during one of the activities.

amirtja nday 4 6102018

Amirtha celebrated her 7th birthday today.

amirtha bday cake 6102018

Amirtha’s birthday cake.

mridula 1 bday 6102018

Mridula is three years old.

ridula bday cake 6102018-1

Mridula’s birthday cake.